"What fresh hell is this?"
Dorothy Parker
A discussion of current events, local, national, and international with your host, Yvonne (R
4/1/12 "Friking Fracking"
Conversation with John Cunningham, 15 year supervisor of maintenance @ the Niagara Falls Waste Water Treatment re the dumping of dirty frack water on the streets and grounds of NYS; the situation in Pa. & w/ the Susquehanna River. Send questions and info to frikingfracking@live.com
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3/22/12 A Green New Deal for America: Take Back Our FutureFrom Wall Street
Jill Stein, 2012 Green Party Presidential candidate speaks to Dr. George Robbins' Government class @ Erie Co. Community College on 3/22/12 and takes questions afterwards.www.JillStein.org and HQ@JillStein.org. Fun highlight: Jill says she debated Mitt Romney in 2002 in MA in the gubanatorial contest and by poll, won the debate, after which they banned her from any further debates.
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Part Two is an impromptu discussion in the parking lot 
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1/17/12 Occupy Buffalo: the younger generation speaks
Recorded in Oct and Nov 2011

Part one features Bhakti Atreau & Mariellen and "Zaney Skarocksteady Baney".
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Part Two featuring Zaney. 
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10/23/11 The Kids are NOT Allright
You may have read a recent statistic from the Department of Justice stating that one-in-five-women will become the victim of a rape or attempted sexual assault before she graduates college. In this segment we check-in with Charley Tarr to learn more about his substantial effort to engage the DOJ and the US Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights seeking correction of serious local, state and national concerns. 
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8/15/11 An interview and roundtable around the on-going and developing story of hydro-fracking the Marcellus shale in New York state; and the disposal of toxic, carcinogenic, and radioactive waste water into the Niagara River & ensuing lakes; and whether or not frack water can be "cleaned". With Walter Garrow (chemist, environmental advisor to Niagara County Leg), Charley Tarr, John Cunningham (worked in Niagara Falls Sewage Treatment plant, concerned citizen), Jen Thomas, Geoff Kelly (artvoice), and Rita Yelda (wnydrilling defense).
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6/23/11 (Almost) Everything You Wanted to Know About Windpower But Were Afraid To Ask
Wind Action brainiacs Bill Nowak, Derek Bateman, and Dave Bradley try to explain wind science (feed-in tariffs),geothermal, and how we here in the good ol' US of A can get happy with wind energy instead o' that nasty rasty oil/natural gas ickyness. Hey,it's a start (baby steps,baby steps).
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5/31/11 Medical Neglect In Blount County Tennessee & Irwin County Georgia Prisons
Prisoners of conscience jailed in Blount County, TN and Irwin County, GA witness and experience physical abuse and medical neglect. To help Sister Jackie Hudson, contact Irwin County Detention Center at: 229-468-4121 or e-mail info@irwincdc.com. The talking point is to provide medical care for Sister Jackie Hudson. Prison Watch, GA and Prison Watch, TN investigate prison conditions in these states.
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5/12/11 Noam Chomsky
After his 5/12/11 lecture in Buffalo, NY, Yvonne had a short interview with Noam Chomsky.
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4/5/11 A New Greener Buffalo
Discussion with Dave Majewski about his projects (The Urban Habitat Project at the Central Terminal,the Green Task Force) and perennial favorites:stormwater management & green roofs! Please visit BuffaloCentralTerminal.org. for more info,volunteer opportunities,donation opportunities. Have a green day!
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3/1/11 "What are you doing out there?" -H.D. Thoreau (1846)
An animated discussion of various topics ranging from privacy rights to civil resistance,specifically the Nevada Desert Experience,which is credited with ending above and below ground nuclear testing; and wondering how/when to change the culture of violence with Radiogirl & MaryAnne Coyle.
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2/18/11 "Thou Shalt Not Kill"
Radiogirl interviews Ms. MaryAnne Coyle about what she did on her spring vacation. For more information on upcoming nuclear protests go to the Ground Zero Center for NonViolent Action or The Nuclear Resister.
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1/28/11 Don't Frack with Buffalo
A brand new episode of 'What Fresh Hell Is This', is a lively discussion of the environmental consequences of hydrofracturing and its potential impacts on the Buffalo and greater Western New York community. Will we still have clean water to drink? Will our air become polluted? Will our children or our own health be destroyed? Will we experience increases in earthquake activity? Concerned citizens of the area have organized themselves to encourage the Buffalo Common Council to pass a ban on hydrofracking. Tuesday, February 1st, 2:00 PM at Buffalo City Hall Council meeting room on the 13th floor is the community's last opportunity to voice concern over this issue. Log on to the following web site locations to become involved and help protect our communities: www.antifraction.org, www.shaleshock.org, or visit Facebook's Frack Action Page.
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6/22/10 Bees
Beekeeper Keelan Darling from Freedom, New York discusses bee-keeping and Colony Collapse Disorder.
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6/10/10 We're Back
Radiogirl, Joel Anthony, Richard and Green Tiger talk amongst themselves regarding current events.
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PT1: Your Schoolboard Member at Large Dr. Patricia Devis
PT2: Energy Efficiency Analysis of your home by
EcoLogic Home's Cyd Cox and Greg Horn - owners
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3/10/09 Peace on earth begins at birth
RG interviews Eileen Stewart nurse midwife about her midwifery practice and home birth in Buffalo. RG viewed the movie The Business of Being Born and wanted to talk about what was going on here in Buffalo related to birthing. Suzanne Montalalou also shared her story of giving birth at home with Eileen's assistance.
related movie Birth Into Being
related websites
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12/16/08 Waiting for the Revolution
a wide-ranging discussion of politics economic solutions and Stalin with Radio Girl, Joel Anthony, Kathleen Chandler, and Sandra Jardine
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10/7/08 "You can't have my rights, I am still using them!"
Kathleen Chandler, editor of the Buffalo Forum News Weekly and Audrey, a community organizer with The Lackawanna Discussion Group Commisssion on Rights (LDG-COR), discuss their trip to protest the Republican National Convention in St. Paul Minnesota. Click here to see photos from the various actions from the RNC including the Poor Peoples Human Rights Campaign. For more information on the youth facing terrorism charges in St. Paul, click here. For video from the Rochester Indy Media participants, click here.
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