Kenn Morgan and Carl Thiel: THE BURNHAM AND DODGE ART HOUR

Listen, learn and laugh as we talk about photography and art and anything loosely related to it. This show is best appreciated if you own a 3-D radio! To comment on anything you may hear on the BDAH, call 716-823-1750 or email us at 

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11/16/16 Architectural abstracts, geometric patterns, and drive-by shooting (with a camera)
Prize-winning photographer and itinerant pediatrician Robert Schulman joins us as we talk about the rich sense of geometry in his work, seeing art in one’s viewfinder, collaborating with printers, and promote the philosophy of architect Louis Kahn (1901-1974). The Answer Man addresses bigotry and how to deal with it and Kenn provides another novel use for duct tape.

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10/26/16 Spiral architecture, looking for frogs, tropical hot dogs, and plundering your dad's collection
We welcome back to the ThinkTwice studios fan of “good” music all across the musical spectrum, Clyde Space, who brings with him another batch of weird and wonderful records from his personal collection. Among his selections are tracks by such disparate artists as Chuck Mangione, Hillow Hammet, Creepy John Thomas (blues rock), Jane Morgan (chanteuse), Swedish and Norwegian metal bands Karaboudjan and Karthago, Be-Bop Deluxe (glam rock), 10cc (pop), Spiral Architect (metal), Endura (whose music is recommended for fasting until death), Elephant Talk (Japanese lounge music), Captain Beefheart, and we go out on a film score by no longer little Stevie Wonder.

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10/4/16 Retiring Socrates, dancing in the dark, Vesuvius china, and the pursuit of the other side
David Landrey, poet and retired professor of English from Buffalo State College, joins us in a witty and rambling discussion of the state of education, living poets and jazz in Buffalo. In this episode you’ll hear about tap-dancing mimes, English education, how the Turks go to the bathroom, writing about poetry, baseball and philosophy, using the right pen for the right job, and testing students on snippets of literature. David reads two of his witty and wry poems for us. Kenn presents a masterful solution to the vexed problem of leaving the seat up. Listen for David’s sly Melville reference around the 41:00 mark! We also toast to Dan Pordum, the late Buffalo comedian and erstwhile host of ThinkTwiceRadio’s Guerilla Radio.

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9/7/16 Speaking of Black Elk, Rumi, love dogs, bottomless gifts, and those lying real estate guys
Our guest is Joel Lesses, host of the ThinkTwiceRadio program, UNRAVELING RELIGION. Joel calls his show a series of talks and that’s what we do in this episode: we break one of our institutional taboos for an informative discussion of religion and spirituality. Throughout the hour we look at how we explore, evolve, and determine success; how it takes bravery to ask genuine questions, ascertaining one’s legacy (establishing the measure of our lives), how we are works-in-progress, interpreting emotions through music, creating through courage, and LEAVE IT TO BEAVER was a lie.

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8/17/16 The business of comics, censorship, the perils of dating a superhero, and relating to Spider-Man
Long-time collector Barry Pearl talks about his six decades reading and collecting comic books. Barry has written a book about the Marvel Age and contributed to important histories of Marvel and comic books in general. He fills us in on the business of comics, how the movies have changed the industry, while stressing reading for the fun of it. Barry reveals the astonishing connection between Wonder Woman and the polygraph, the surprising popularity of monkeys and the color yellow, and the true secret of making money in comics.

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7/13/16 Applied art, recognizing that art is work, and following Jack Kerouac out of the city of no illusions
Our guest is Michael Morgulis, originator of Buffalo-based imagery for more than forty years and owner of the Local Color Gallery. Known for his novel silk-screened T-shirt and poster designs, Michael moved into the field of edible art, producing a series of delectable “food portraits.” Michael studied with world-famous graphic designer Milton Glaser, tells of his association with fellow Buffalo underground artist Spain Rodriguez, his sojourn in San Francisco during the sixties, and explains how he came up with one of his most iconic designs during the Blizzard of ‘77.

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6/27/16 Immaterial, irrelevant, rehabilitating, reparations, and seeing judges as human beings
Our guest this month, the Hon. David Zwink, is a district court judge in Alaska. Dave treats us to an entertaining and informative overview of his years in courtrooms and judicial goings-on in our 49th State, how television gives the wrong impression of legal proceedings, the People’s Court, what getting off on a technicality really means, staying awake in court, Alaskan resident oil payments, the nagging theory of rehabilitation, how full moons affect behavior, taking oneself seriously, and how expectations are the source of all disappointment.

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6/1/16 Painting babies, seeking contrition while journeying to the heart of darkness
Two painters who do not hesitate to explore the dark side of human nature in their work, Richard Christian and Gary L. Wolfe join us in an aural experiment in which we recorded the entire show in the dark, illumined only by the subdued light of a lava lamp. Among the topics discussed is humanism in art, sacred relics, sloppy curatorship, approaching vulnerability, embracing mystery, and engendering compassion through art. The featured songs in this show about the dark side are “Cold Dark River” by Minnie Driver, “Dark Was the Night” by Blind Willie Johnson, and we had no choice but to finish with “The End” by The Doors.
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4/27/16 Seeing in the abstract, photographing moving targets, and being in the moment
Paula Sciuk is a photographer of reflective surfaces who tells us about her recent trips to Iceland, how music (in Paula’s case, that’s David Bowie) affects us, the importance of branding yourself, seeking the permission to be who we are, and being in the moment. Other topics we touch upon are: the intimacy of photography, titling one’s work, why large images are valid, multi-dimensionality and the ever-changing nature of water. Kenn instructs us on using duct tape to equip a makeshift softball game. “The moment captured cannot be duplicated and is irretrievable.” To see examples of Paula’s work, go here.
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3/9/16 Bug cuisine, canaries, otters, murderous cats, penguin love, and laughing kookaburas
Our guest is Mark Carra, naturalist in residence for the Beaver Meadows Audubon Center in North Java, New York. He regales us about his delightful experiences chasing penguins on the lawn of the White House, handling wallabys and alligators with the late Steve Irwin and Jack Hanna. We hear about animal cooperation, wolves and dogs, imprinting, ear worms, bearcats, and how canaries are related to dogs. Mark talks about the passenger pigeon and we hear how your pet cat Muffy is responsible for killing one trillion birds every year. Mark often speaks at schools about nature and finds it very effective when he impersonates people from history including John James Audubon, Charles Darwin, Daniel Boone, and Theodore Roosevelt.
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2/24/16 Infundibula, fruitcakes, rings, and the subterranean wacky land of Sarah Palin country
BDAH announcer extraordinaire John Stiny joins us in celebrating the Answer Man’s five years on the show. Yes, that’s right, the Answer Man arrived in early 2011, supplying answers to life’s most perplexing questions. John S fills us in on the history of the Answer Men. The Answer Man relates his latest adventure with the mysterious creature Meconium in his intent search for the Lost Penumbra. Kenn plays an important role in discovering a fresh clue in a year-old fruitcake. Throughout the show, we play recordings of previous visits by the Answer Man. We also pay tribute to the late Elizabeth Lambert Mararian, photographer and beautiful person, who was a guest on our show twice.
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1/20/16 Improvising, schmoozing, scary clowns, bicoastalism, and wearing many hats
Writer, actor, producer Siluo Gompah divides her time equally between Los Angeles and Buffalo and while she was in the Queen City, she found time to join us in the ThinkTwice studio. Siluo (all 1.64 meters of her) has two production companies, Delta Echo and Esther Egg, and answers our questions on what, exactly, does a producer, do? She also talks about the difference in front of and behind the camera, how improvisation has affected her acting, and how acting can simply be exhausting. Kenn asks her about the brouhaha over black representation in the 2016 nominations for the Academy Award and tokenism in film-making.
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12/2/15 Tasting the cheapness, the snowflake disease, Eleanor Powell, and moving day
Weekend morning host Christopher Jamele talks of his years on radio and not-for-profit fund-raising, lets us in on the key to bartending, and his sole performance in a ballet. With equal facility, Chris reveals the secret of getting a job and supplies a catchphrase for our show’s longtime sponsor. By the way, he also happens to be Executive Director of the National Parkinson Foundation of Western New York and talks at length about it.
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11/24/15 Honcho, Suspiria, space magic, music to eat, snakes and surrendering to a stranger
Music collector Clyde Space returns with a new batch of obscure tunes from his own extensive collection. His genre-spanning music this time includes NFL themes of the 1970s, country-western and progressive rock as we venture sonically from the mountains of Tangier and Indonesia all the way to a little bit south of Saskatoon. Featured artists are Sam Spence, William Soden, Italy’s Goblin, Sonny James, Soft Cell, Scott Walker, Trial of the Bow, the outrageous Hampton Grease Band, Ulver (from Norway), and the world premiere of Clyde’s own composition for gamelan.
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10/21/15 Controlling artwork, the confusion between beauty and deformity, and “genius” as currency
Since 2009, artist Fotini Galanes has been drawing what she calls hyper-realistic abstract art using graphite and ground porcelain clay board. Her work is hard to define yet profoundly affects those who see it. On this episode of the BDAH, she tells how her drawing is influenced by her life experience, her emotional state, the people around her, and also music. “The work is telling me where it needs to move, but I’m controlling where it needs to stay.” She discusses working in public spaces, her transition from commercial artist to fine artist and the new directions these drawings have taken her.
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12/08/15 The Burnham & Dodge Art Hour Super Colossal Christmas Show for 2015
We host our bi-annual Christmas show with rum and egg nog, music and merriment, ably assisted by John Stiny, John Farallo (the Answer Man), and Karen Albarella. Kenn introduces Christmas facts, John S explains the Norse origins of mistletoe and reads a poem about it. We are proud to announce the return of the Burnham & Dodge Art Players in an exciting (sort of) dramatic presentation, “Kenn's Arctic Adventure on the Island of Misfit Toys,” wherein our intrepid heroes pursue clues that may lead them at last to the Lost Penumbra. This jam-packed episode is presented amid the typical assortment of holiday songs by Tom Lehrer, Spike Jones, the Fibs and the Dick Robertson Orchestra.
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10/07/15 Klezmer, conscripted music, speaking Yiddish, Kenn’s nephew Al, and Tzena, Tzena, Tzena
Oy gevalt! We wish each other l’chaim in an informative and riotous discussion of all things klezmer, the joyous and celebratory Yiddish music of Eastern Europe thanks to the musical talents of Amrom Chodos, a clarinetist and teacher. We go deep into the music as Amrom relates a lifetime of playing klezmer, what it means, how it works, and provides examples of original music from his CD, Chicken Noodle Soup.
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9/09/15 Partying with Larry 'Bud', dabbling in songwriting, voting the rascals out, and igniting the fire inside
Without telling a lie, we host The Fibs (Tom Fenton and Jim Iarocci), the band you'll still respect in the morning. They talk and sing live in the studio about partying in parking lots, chance meetings on the school bus, songwriting, voting the rascals out, bean fields, finding love in fallout shelters, and the former longest word in the English language. We are also joined in-person by the Answer Man who at last propounds his globe-trotting manifesto.
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8/30/15 Tops, bottoms, munches, creepers, ropework, flogging, and all the joys and pains it brings
We get sting-y and thuddy with Sadie McMaster and her partner GvS, purveyors of the BDSM lifestyle (i.e., bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) and the importance of kinky play right here in Western New York. Our guests demonstrate two new uses for duct tape, one sartorial and one that means business (or pleasure). Sadie hosts her own podcast on ThinkTwiceRadio called Talkin' Taboo, a show that explores the erotic and the BDSM lifestyle. Persons interested in learning more about the kinkster community should visit
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8/12/15 Our 75th Episode! Socially conscious art, cat midwifery, taking lessons from the Buffalo Bills, and the secret of our success
Joining us at the ThinkTwice studios are painter Gary L. Wolfe, singer/teacher Melissa Kate, and bandleader George Scott who help us celebrate the occasion of our seventy-fifth episode. We recite Edgar Guest, and talk socially conscious art, painting what nobody wants to see, and assessing the value of art.  Melissa explains her participation in music programs Young Audiences of WNY and Music on the Frontline. George discusses the Colored Musicians Club (of which he is president). All of the songs played on the show features Melissa Kate or the George Scott Big Band. John Farallo, the Answer Man, is also present in answer to the question “What was our most outrageous show?”  Through the miracle of recorded sound we present a lovely duet called “Friends First” sung by Melissa and Buffalo legend, Lance Diamond.
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7/8/15 The accidental hotel manager, honkin' an' squeakin', and messing with the Seneca Nation
We are joined by photographer and record collector, Steve Siegel, host of the new ThinkTwiceRadio program, AMERICAN POPULAR SONG. Topics include winning awards through photography, Franklin Pangborn, Mr. Burnham as walking jazz instrument, falling into hotel management by accident, taking on the casino culture, and understanding the Roloflex. Mr. Answer Man proposes a new design to replace the Confederate battle flag and Carl reviews THE ESSENTIAL FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley and Leonard Wolf.
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7/03/15 Pictures that melt, using our sponsor's product, dogs & daughters, and spam for the holidays
We enter full schizophrenic mode as we present our second outtakes show, featuring heretofore-unheard portions of previous programs. Sometimes we go overtime and the show has to be trimmed to fit into its sixty allotted minutes. What's edited out is usually Kenn or me making mistakes or simply jabbering on about this or that, with occasional input from our guests, but still ultimately considered dispensible. Amid a great deal of laughter at our own ridiculousness, we present some of these formerly excised pieces. [This is another “Lost” show, most of which was originally recorded in November 2014.] In a NEW segment, the Answer Man is sent on a worldwide quest for “the Lost Penumbra.”
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