Kenn Morgan and Carl Thiel: THE BURNHAM AND DODGE ART HOUR

Archive of all Burnham & Dodge Art Hour shows

The Burnham & Dodge Art Hour began as a show about photography, but its scope quickly encompassed everything that can be considered art.

1. Let There Be Light! Kenn Morgan (Burnham) and Bob Schultz (Dodge) host a new show about the arts in Western New York. Kenn and Bob welcome guest Carl Thiel and Bob presents a mission statement for the show. Recorded March 24, 2009.

To listen: 090324.mp3

2. No matter where you go, there you are. Carl sits in for the absent Mr. Dodge and he and Kenn discuss food at art openings and how digital cameras help you lie. Kenn tells why he hates painters and explains how "I Shot Lucy," a photographic exhibit, came to be. Kenn also introduces hypo to the mix. Recorded May 26, 2009.

To listen: 090526.mp3

3. Old movies, breadboxes, political correctness, Bonanza and Blazing Saddles. Carl joins officially as co-host. Under discussion is the lasting significance of old black & white movies, the surreal nature of Hollywood musicals, pulchritude, and other inspirations for photography. We also remember items lost to history (such as pulltab cans, breadboxes and bottle openers). Recorded July 28, 2009.

To listen: 090728.mp3

4. Pantless on the radio, the Dark Side of Oz, romance in the darkroom, and the fall of Fort Makowski. John Stiny joins us in a rambling discussion of theater, a worm's eye view of the art world, photography, vanishing hitchhikers, City Hall suicide, and teaching English to Brazilian naval officers. In these days we weren't sure what the name of the program was. We begin using "Powerhouse" as our theme music. Recorded September 22, 2009.

To listen: 090922.mp3

5. Lying with a camera, learning how, doctoring negatives, and why art matters. Painter Jerome Mach and bassist Gary Gorski discuss the basics of art, memory anchors, dirty love in the darkroom, the naked and the nude. Kenn introduces a new segment titled "30 Ways Photography is Good for You." Recorded November 17, 2009.

To listen: 091117.mp3

6. Flashing on Trees by the Light of the Moon. Kenn and Carl are joined by painter/professor Mark Lavatelli to talk about encaustic painting technique, the four elements, the relative appearance of a full moon, the disappearance of the bees, and whether photography is capable of communicating feeling. Recorded January 27, 2010.

To listen: 100208.mp3

7. Tippin' in to spring, mistakes photographers make, in praise of digital, and Captain Caveman. We welcome Buffalo photographer Val Dunne in a lively discussion that covers such topics as the importance of editing, tripods, photographing texture and color, naming your dog Walker, and hunting shillelaghs in Ireland. In a rare instance, Kenn praises digital photography, not once, but twice. Also featured is a bedside phone call by the original Mr. Dodge before he fades out. Recorded March 24, 2010.

To listen: 100329.mp3

8. Leica virgins, Marshmellow Peeps and Booby Muffs. Photographer Nancy J. Parisi and painter Tim Raymond take part in a haphazard discourse of rare dimension. The discussion covers old cameras, rotogravure, the virtues of marriage, the Dark Side of the Moon, the perils of New York City, and the usual references to old movies. Kenn also pitches his idea for 'booby muffs.' Recorded May 26, 2010.

To listen: 100526.mp3

9. Pieces of 88, or what to do with a 10-Inch Bic (in two parts). A two-part show featuring piano tuner (and former stand-up comic) David Sipos and stand-up comic/former ThinkTwiceRadio host Josh Smith in a riotous and sometimes off-color conversation. Dave and Josh attempt to explain the philosophy behind their respective arts, but somehow the discussion keeps going awry. Topics include exploding pianos, sticky keys, reading instruction manuals, dating trollops & strumpets, ten-inch Bics, doppelgangers, the logical progression from heavy metal to comedy, blind piano tuners, in search of Joe Sap, a novel use for plastic film containers, and some very bad jokes. At times, we even talk about photography! Recorded July 28, 2010.

To listen: 100814a.mp3 and 100814b.mp3

10. Fogged film, Jack Armstrong, and overacting. Buffalo actor Dave Lundy is our guest and, along with the compulsory photography questions, the topic of acting is discussed. We also feature the Burnham & Dodge Art Players in a live reading of a 'lost' episode of "Jack Armstrong, All-American Boy." Joining us in the role of 'Betty' is Karen Albarella. Recorded September 15, 2010.

To listen: 100910.mp3

11. Bear cats, penguin wrangling, server farms, a diet of Worms, and Wayne Newton. Learn about our fascinating planet with Buffalo naturalist Mark Carra who talks about binturongs, John James Audubon, the diet of worms, spiders on the ceiling, and chasing penguins on the White House lawn. Michael j. "Rudy" graphix finishes out the hour via long-distance with outrageous tales from his life on the road with Guns 'n' Roses and Barry Manilow, practicing the black arts of rock shows, getting excessive with Warren Zevon, and also finds time to answer a question about photography. Recorded October 27, 2010.

To listen: 101107.mp3

12. Dr. Martin's Dyes, morning coconuts, Canadian sunsets, and franchising Batman. Veteran artist John Kalisz describes how the job of coloring the pages of comic books has changed in the 20 years he's been in the business. He also talks about his visit to India for an intensive course studying yoga. Fellow ThinkTwiceRadio host Michael Hoffert, who conducts a show about comics, contributes to the graphic discussion. Carl yields to his inner geek when he recalls reading comics as a tyke and both he and Kenn are shocked to discover the current price of magazines for which they once paid twelve cents. Recorded November 26, 2010.

To listen: 101126.mp3

13. Deviant art, H.P. Lovecraft, filking, the Nerd Circus, and finding LA-LA Land. We are joined by Buffalo artist John Farallo and musician/caricaturist Adam English. John talks about his cartoon-based art and Adam explains the lure of Southern California for his pop culture rock band Ookla the Mok. We also introduce a new segment called "Ask Mr. Answer Man!" Recorded December 8, 2010.

To listen: 101208.mp3

14. Robots, bonobo monkeys, Sponge Bob jihad, and the real source of power in society. Buffalo artists Candace Keegan and John Farallo are the guests for our first show of 2011. Both are members of the College Street Gallery Artists Co-Op. Candace discusses her provocative self-portraits and paintings of toy robots, while John ponders the real reason men are motivated to paint. Caution: portions of the show may not be suitable for children. Recorded January 12, 2011.

To listen: 110112.mp3

15. Flesh-colored crayons, Jack Benny, German efficiency, cell foam, and masturbation purgatory. We are joined by Buffalo playwright and musician Mark Humphrey. Among the topics discussed are winning the Arty, Scatman Crothers and "The Death of Emmett Till." Kenn honors Buffalo photographer Milton Rogovin who passed away at the age of 101. Also featured is another segment of "Ask Mr. Answer Man!" Recorded February 7, 2011.

To listen: 110207.mp3

16. Bowling bowls, Carbondale riots, explaining Sisyphus, and darkroom aborigines. We welcome Frank Beurskens in a sometimes light, sometimes deep, but always interesting excursion into depth psychology, finding the soul of a piece of wood, and food buying habits. Also featured is another segment of "Ask Mr. Answer Man!" Recorded February 23, 2011.

To listen: 110223.mp3

17. Eating poetry, Rumi, films about librarians, instapoems and nether snaps. Our guests are Michael Basinski, curator of the Poetry Collection at the University of Buffalo, and Rand Bellavia, Director of the D'Youville College Library. What ensues is a raucous, albeit obfuscatory conversation where we conclude that EVERYTHING is poetry. Although Carl is repeatedly accused of not listening, we encourage everyone else to bend a collective ear to this episode! Recorded March 9, 2011.

To listen: 110309.mp3

18. Grind organs, gravity railroads, shutter speeds and the Lullaby of Broadway. Buffalo organ grinder and serious collector Dan Wilke is our guest and offers a delightful account of grind organs, roller coasters, and long-gone Buffalo scenes. Dan also brings along a vintage-style song by the Bratislava Hot Serenaders. Also featured is another segment of "Ask Mr. Answer Man!" Recorded March 30, 2011.

To listen: 110330.mp3

19. Dolls 'n' things, eye vomit, photographic memory, and merchandising visually. We welcome Elizabeth Lambert Mararian, an itinerant photographer who talks about macro lenses, working as a visual merchandiser, the anticipation of film photography, Heathrow Airport, and shows a choice selection of her photography to the radio audience. Kenn offers a commentary on culture in the suburbs. Also featured is another installment of Mr. Answer Man! Recorded May 4, 2011.

To listen: 110524.mp3

20. Player pianos, international pulp cartels, Supertramp, and a few measures of rest. Bob Berkman, former director of Buffalo's QRS piano roll factory talks about manufacturing rolls, the Musical Instrument Museum of Phoenix, pianolas, "Klezmerola," a practical use for piano rolls, and plays delightful selections of authentic piano roll music. Also featured is another installment of Mr. Answer Man! Recorded June 29, 2011.

To listen: 110629b.mp3

21. Molecular gastronomy, the culinary abyss, passing mustard, the Beast from the Black Legume, and Adrienne Barbeau. In this episode we hash out the globalization of food with Kathleen Haggerty, proprietor/chef of The Whole Hog food truck, graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, and passionate (and loquacious) advocate of serving the community through locally grown food. Feed your head, indeed! Recorded July 27, 2011.

To listen: 110727a.mp3

22. Electric Avenue, fresh blood, Russian roulette with food, and moonshine (in two parts). Matthew LaChiusa, Executive/Artistic Director for the American Repertory Theater of WNY, joins us for an over-the-top discussion of acting, playwriting, aftershave, making theater affordable, and the Johnson administration. We also celebrate a return appearance of Mr. Answer Man. So enjoy the show, yaíll. Recorded August 24, 2011.

To listen: 110824b.mp3 and 110824c.mp3

23. The child inside, drawn to the arts, Cain and Abel, and what women want. Our guest is Gary L. Wolfe, painter and past president of the Buffalo Society of Artists. The topics include his exhibition as part of the Ann Frank Project at Buffalo State College, wherein Gary (AKA the Wolfeman) graphically depicted the dark side of our nature. We also get heavy (well, heavy for us) when discussing age and responsibility and technology dependence. Mr. Answer Man is back to settle the question "How to Appear Smart!" The end song was not attributed by us on the air. It is "All the Pictures on the Wall" by Paul Weller. Recorded September 14, 2011.

To listen: 110914b.mp3

24. Tritanopia, aerobic artistry, hot spots, Kodachrome, and an artist named Crisco. We welcome to the studio Sally Reed, who might aptly be called an aerobic artiste. Not to be confused with Sally Rand, fan-dancing ecdysiast. When she's not managing a Curves exercise franchise, Sally relates the travails of being a color blind painter. We also talk about schooling, the army, terducken, and Sally's opinion of facile vittles. "If you can shape your food, don't eat it." Also featured is another installment of Mr. Answer Man! Recorded on October 12, 2011.

To listen: 111012a.mp3

25. Big bands, polkas, cleaning your horn, titling your work, Southern take-out, and Nazi health care (two parts). Bandleaders George Scott (The George Scott Big Band) and Van Taylor (Taylor Made Jazz) join us for an engrossing discussion of music in Buffalo and elsewhere. George is also president of the Colored Musicians Club, which celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2010. We debut two songs from the George Scott Big Band album, Angel Man. Recorded November 23, 2011.

To listen: 112311a1.mp3 and 112311a2.mp3

26. Sack races, beauty in the darkness, cat photography, Goth culture, and tattooing in South Korea. Photographer Fred Mount took time before moving to the other side of the world to talk photography and pinhole cameras, answer a question from a listener, and demonstrate the iPad for Kenn. Messrs. Burnham and Dodge also harmonize (badly) with the Beach Boys. Mr. Answer Man answers the question: "Does God hear our prayers?" Recorded February 29, 2012.

To listen: 120229.mp3

27. The Fool on the Hill, science fiction, dual exceptionality, and sylvan virtue. We welcome painter Tara Sasiadek (AKA ëRosieí) talks about her show Lovely, Dark and Deep at Gallery 464, middle school as false hope, we ponder the meaning of Dyngus Day, Japanese delicatessens, being a nerd, and the power to make people poop their pants. We neglected to mention it on the show, but Tara is also a member of ELAB (Emerging Leaders in the Arts Buffalo). Mr. Answer Man answers the question: "What can we learn from nature?" Recorded April 11, 2012.

To listen: 120422a.mp3

28. Story-telling trains, mairzy doats, doodling, and spirits in the darkroom. Actor and painter Josie DiVincenzo shares her views on theater, the movies, television, stunt-doubles, and why funding the arts is important. We also try to discern what art is not. Recorded May 2, 2012.

To listen: 120502b.mp3

29. Tar jars, Greek yogurt, found objects, sandals and socks, and collecting art. Kenn and Carl are joined by artist/curator and all-around neat guy, Gerald Mead, instructor at Buffalo State College and enthusiastic promoter of artists in Buffalo. Jerry explains the significance of art openings, the unexpected delight of making collages, what guest curators do, collecting art, and archive boxes marked ìNude ñ Mother ñ Elderly.î Kenn, meanwhile, opines on stupid photo questions. Recorded June 27, 2012.

To listen: 120627b.mp3

30. Murals, handling art, selfish graffiti, flashes of light, and alien hand syndrome. We talk to Buffalo artist Tom Holt about his work at the U.B. Anderson Gallery, a plethora of hands, taking cartooning seriously, the altruism of mural painting, Disneyland, Pokeman, selfish graffiti, and borrowing from bad photography. Recorded July 29, 2012.

To listen: 120729b.mp3

31. Lucid dreaming, hullaballoos, painting on warps, and pausing in your process. Artist/curator/health professional Ginny OíBrien talks about creative encouragement, her work as a nurse, found objects, and how process is central to her art. Poet/curator/spouse Michael Bazinski stands in admirably for an absent Mr. Burnham. The inimitable Mr. Answer Man addresses the question: ìWhat should we be teaching our children? Recorded August 22, 2012.

To listen: 120822a.mp3

32. Cat artistry, house-cleaning cameras, ornery olives, and typewriting monkeys. Kenn and Carl host artist Alison Kurek who talks about her cat Silent Mylo and the bibulous influence that bartending has had on her art. Also discussed are camera bugs, marketing oneís work, Thomas Kinkade (ìThe Painter of Lightî), sculpting in polymer, onomatopoeia, and whether art can survive in Kenmore. Mr. Answer Man provides solace for men on the right way to handle hair loss. Recorded September 5, 2012.

To listen: 120905a.mp3

33. Absurd rhinoceroses, power trips, art as "truth," and guys named Dick. Artist/educator Rich Tomasello talks about the source of creative endeavor, the urge to conform, and his own name. We also discuss digitalis cameras, the importance of wearing long coats at art openings, and Kenn tears into "slice-of-life" photography. Mr. Answer Man addresses the question: "What do women want?" Recorded September 19, 2012.

To listen: 120919.mp3

34. Paraphrasing Yahweh, balloon noises, French mime likers, and Clarabelle's final words. Kenn and Carl conduct a raucous yet quietly sublime interview with mime artist El the Mime (AKA Elaine Barthel) who comes out of character long enough to speak (both in English AND German) about her experiences as a mime around the world and to promote the Buffalo Infringement Festival. We also discuss burning bushes, Jerry Lewis, slides, prints and princes, Japanese traditional theater, and we sure do sing a lot. Also on hand is our inimitable introducer and fellow German-speaker, John Stiny. The one and only Mr. Answer Man explains the right way to vote. Recorded October 3, 2012.

To listen: 121003.mp3

35. Shooting people, dispelling stereotypes, shower shoes, and tumescent photography. Professional photographers Lydia Maybee and KaJuan Lyons, former students of Mr. Burnham, join us for a sometimes R-rated discussion on body parts, finding models, teaching photography as a pyramid scam, what makes a professional photographer, weddings and brides, and what men concentrate on when they photograph women. Mr. Answer Man addresses the question: "Is marrying a Siamese twin considered bigamy?" Recorded October 24, 2012.

To listen: 121024a.mp3

36. Hands-on art, ice-breaking chickens, Silo City, and thinking big with Frank Sinatra. Kenn and Carl welcome Buffalo photographer Max Collins in a discussion in pursuit of the human element in art, defending Buffalo winters, high anxiety, the brown thrills, large-scale photography, licking frozen lampposts, and why we do what we do. Meanwhile, Mr. Answer Man gets transcendent. Recorded November 7, 2012.

To listen: 121107.mp3

37. The First (and possibly last) Burnham & Dodge Christmas Show. Kenn and Carl host an uproarious evening of Yuletide merriment discussing the joys and pitfalls of the season. Eschewing their usual dram of gin for rum and egg nog, they play assorted Christmas songs and perform their version of The Christmas Carol, complete with music and sound effects and outrageous ad libs. Assisting in destroying Dickens' classic tale are the Burnham & Dodge Art Players: John Stiny, John Farallo, Karen Albarella, Mike Hanna and Linda Falcone. Inveterate Christmas hater Kenn provides facts about Christmas in between delightful holiday greetings from former guests Josie DiVincenzo, Bob Berkman, Mark Carra, and listener Ponti Motka. Mr. Answer Man gives the low-down on the real Santa Claus. Recorded December 5, 2012.

To listen: 121205.mp3

38. Monopods, happy places, secret pockets, and metaphorical body armor. Creative fiber artist Carol Ann Rice Rafferty explains the transition from homemaking to art-making, cottage industries, and her own highly personal approach to art, including designing unique apparel and accessories. And what better way to demonstrate that than by making a dress comprised of hundreds of used coffee filters! We also determine that photography can be a microcosm of the universe. Mr. Answer Man addresses the question: "Do actions speak louder than words?" Recorded January 2, 2013.

To listen: 130102b.mp3

39. Raindrops, Twinkies, cocktail napkins, stereo geniuses and pigmented goo. Join us for a ribald visit by painter A.J. Fries who talks about doodling in school, the artist as whore, getting kicked into the Albright-Knox, living off grants and the wayward hunt for sex toy catalogs. Mr. Answer Man suggests ways to raise the status of our own fair city (Buffalo). Recorded January 23, 2013.

To listen: 130123.mp3

40. Human nature, man caves, fakin' it, emotional GPS, and the 'rain of fate.' Get ready to listen and laugh as we learn about interpersonal relationships with Monica Farrar, MS CRC and Director of the Drinking Driver Program. Monica discusses the quiet art of relationship counseling and the impractical consequences of drinking and driving. We get to the heart of the matter of why we cheat and behave to excess and, well, why we do a lot of things. Mr. Answer Man offers a simple remedy on how to deal with all the snow we get in Western New York. Recorded January 30, 2013.

To listen: 130130.mp3

41. Boutique staffing, double negatives, headhunting, white slavery, and role-playing. We are joined by Dave Lefkowitz, a recruiting specialist who explains all about the art of finding specific people for specific jobs. Dave reminds us that in finding a job it's not always who you know but what you know. Did you know that even sanitation engineers find employment with the assistance of people like Dave? Mr. Answer Man examines intelligent life in outer space. Recorded February 7, 2013.

To listen: 130207.mp3

42. Acting, teaching, full moons, pigeonholes and the importance of drive time. Actor/teacher/volunteer extraordinaire Elizabeth Oddy displays her admirable skills as a storyteller as we hear about her pursuit of acting and her sojourn in Uganda as a Peace Corps volunteer, as well as her advocacy work with Crisis Services. Sheís also a puppeteer and a dancer and demonstrates, by her many interests, that life is truly art. Mr. Answer Man explores the head-shaking question of genius versus madness. Recorded March 6, 2013.

To listen: 130306b.mp3

43. Brownies, watermarks, serendipity, cooking cyanotypes, and Angelfood McSpade. We are joined by photographer/instructor Kate S. Parzych for a jangulating discussion of cameras, big ass printers, the senses, untitled works, and Hiroshi Sugimoto. Kate also provides a good reason for considering dark room chemicals a fountain of youth. Mr. Answer Man, meanwhile, wrestles the noble spud away from the French. Recorded March 13, 2013.

To listen: 130313a.mp3

44. Fish tackling, zen dehumidifiers, spatulate hands, stale architecture, and animal midwifery. Laugh along as Messrs. Burnham & Dodge are joined by not one but many guests in this, their 4th anniversary show. The not-so-secret word for tonight is outtakes and that's what this episode is all about as we play hilarious bits excerpted from previously recorded shows, going back to 2011. Featured guests from the days of yore (through the magic of recorded audio) include John Stiny, Matt LaChiusa, Josie DiVincenzo, Alison Kurek, Monica Farrar, Dave Lefkowitz, and Elaine Barthel. And it's Mr. Answer Man to the rescue when the ThinkTwiceRadio housecat Mr. Twinkles turns out to be female. Recorded March 27, 2013.

To listen: 130327a.mp3

45. Sunsets, poetry, art subsidies, and parental (dis)couragement in the arts. Painter/poet/gallery owner George Grace joins us in a post-metabolic discussion that involves dead life painting, cutting six inches off Henry Lewis, presidential pitfalls, blood meridians, and living in Nashville. In addition to all that, George reads two poems about plastic bags and falling off a ladder. Mr. Answer Man perorates on the power of puppy love. Recorded April 28, 2013.

To listen: 130428a.mp3

46. Documenting reality, Wasaluna, concerned photography, and canoodling with carbon offset schemes. Join us as we spend an hour with international photojournalist Orin Langelle and writer/activist Ann Peterman who travel the world documenting environmental injustice and advocating for indigenous peoples. Among the varied topics discussed are Vermont McMansions, Nicaraguan landslides, surviving on Coca-Cola and beer, how the media saved Chiapas, Mexico, why nobody ever goes to BrasÌlia, and how photography helps us relate to each other. Mr. Answer Man answers the question "Is it ever okay to lie?" Recorded May 1, 2013.

To listen: 130501a.mp3

47. Bad darkrooms, baking bread, "Mercury Blues," the newest f-word, and Hillary Clinton's legs. Photographer/teacher Donna Jordan Dusel joins us in the studio and among the topics discussed are the importance of being patient, the connection between photography and thinking, presiding over a group of artists, the memorable year 1980, and the honest-to-goodness, weíre-not-kidding-folks, we-really mean-it-this-time, last of the 30 ways photography is good for you. The inimitable Mr. Answer Man addresses the question: "Are video games contributing to violence?" Recorded May 15, 2013.

To listen: 130515.mp3

48. Whistling, Shirley Temple, Yowzah gatherings, barbaric yawps, and howling at the moon. Join us as itinerant painter/writer/go-go dancer/English teacher Susie Kelly Flatau, a devout Texan, discusses her books (which include Counter Culture Texas and From My Mother's Hands), her work as a typist for NASA, a purveyor of hand-painted wine glasses, skirting around and talks about achieving a Zen state of mind and recipes for story-telling. Mr. Answer Man addresses the question: "Is the government making us into a nanny state?" Recorded May 29, 2013.

To listen: 130529a.mp3

49. Sauerkraut, plump goldfish, 3D art, color coding slave catchers, and chasing spacey space sprockets. Sculptor Susan Geissler and her other half Peter Henderson join us for a discussion of all things sculptural. Among our topics are playing with clay, papier mache, chicken wire, maquettes, 3D printers, Forton resin, and larger-than-life-size art of monumental construction. Susan discusses some of her bronze monumental sculptures such as "Freedom Crossing" and "Tuscarora Heroes." Kenn explains the concept of contrast. Recorded June 12, 2013.

To listen: 130612.mp3

50. Highlights from our 50th show party: mimes, music, art, sound effects, and gin. Who'd've thunk it! The BDAH began its foray into internet podcast territory in March 2009 and now, four years and four months later, we're still at it. That's right, we've brought our bizarre mix of culture and nonsense to the internet fifty times now. For our 50th show, we could think of no better way to commemorate the milestone than by inviting an assortment of past guests to help us celebrate. Learn how we got started, how we put the show together, and why we choose the music we play. We also discuss angst in relationships, selective eyes, and failing at art. A large thank-you to our guests: Jerome Mach, Gary L. Wolfe, Kate S. Parzych, Monica Farrar, Elizabeth Lambert, Michael Mararian, El the Mime, Tim Raymond, George Scott, Dr. Geese graphix, our intrepid engineer Richard Wicka, and the one-and-only Mr. Answer Man. De gustibus non est disputandum! Recorded July 17, 2013.

To listen: 130717.mp3

51. Hamptons lockjaw, Dicks of America, our basic needs, and men who cry. A formerly lost show: actual recording date 10/2/13 - Painter and teacher Richard Christian offered to supply the booze so we had to have him on the show . . . and y'know what? We actually talk about art! Richard expatiates on the visceral quality of paint as well as art conservation and explains how mythology influences his work. Kenn recites one of "The Eight B's of Photography." Mr. Answer Man explains the differences between man and beast. This show was not released until September 2014.

To listen: 140904.mp3

52. Beer snobs, teaching art, leaf blowing, and the last remake of Beau Geste. A formerly lost show: actual recording date 10/29/13 - Painter and teacher Jerry Mach sat in on this evening and demonstrates that he can really yell. Kenn recites one of "The Eight B's of Photography." Mr. Answer Man dictates the only honorable way to hunt animals. This show was not released until October 2014.

To listen: 131029a.mp3

53. Singing in the bathroom, wrapping, Popeye, 3-D printers, and breaking the fourth. A formerly lost show: actual recording date 11/11/13 - Cabaret singer and voice actor (and former Thinktwiceradio host) Melissa Kate talks about songwriting, singing with a big band, sexism in music, Shakespeare in New York, Florence Foster Jenkins, and finding inspiration. Kenn recites one of "The Eight B's of Photography." This show was not released until November 2014.

To listen: 131113.mp3

54. Making marks on surfaces, the pursuit of happiness, defining beauty, and finding a place for Mary. A formerly lost show: actual recording date 12/1/13 - We welcome painter and animator Jonathan Rogers in a passionate discourse about drawing, cave art, God, running, visions from faith, defining beauty, creating holiday specials (e.g., Witch's Night Out), and the sometimes disturbing nature of his work. Kenn attempts to explain the photographic process of vignetting ("It's a French word."). This show was not released until December 2014.

To listen: 131201a.mp3

55. Explaining mermaids, marbles in the median, the hand jive, and singing about bathrooms. A formerly lost show: actual recording date 1/29/14. Writer and activist Terri Walker talks with Kenn and Carl about fountains, hearses, animal crackers, sex education, Bette Davis, growing teeth, personal hygiene, and the absolute necessity for new commode design. At times, Terri even describes some of the children's books she's written. Kenn advises a listener on the best camera to use for catching a cheating spouse. This show was not released until January 2015.

To listen: 140129a.mp3

56. Expletives, winter art, warlocks, the naked, the nude, and a summer replacement. Painter John Farallo (AKA Mr. Answer Man) helps Kenn and Carl with a crazy conversation covering the usual topics (e.g., body parts, lantern jaws, music, Gibson Girls, the white man's burden). John joins the Art Hour as co-host while Carl begins a six-month hiatus. Recorded February 26, 2014.

To listen: 140226.mp3

57. Metal casting, bad art, sweet light, Smurf-loathing, and elephant electrocution. Sculptor Jaime Michelle Smith, instructor at Locust Street Art, joins us for an apparently inherently rambling conversation that includes investment molding, Soupy Sales, induced states, yoga, circuses, blowing up toys and spiritual flatulence. Stay classy, Buffalo! Recorded March 16, 2014.

To listen: 140316a.mp3

58. Interview with Mary and Larry Kinney. Kenn and guest co-host John Farallo interview Mary and Larry Kinney about sculpture, the creative process, photo collages, and CD cover design. Mary and Larry also talk about the University Heights Arts Association, a dynamic and positive organization that is helping to change our region for the better. Recorded March 26, 2014.

To listen: 140326b.mp3

59. Paleo-transcendence, psychedelic love Nazis, war stories, animation, and H.P. Lovecraft. Painter and musician Eric Evinczik (AKA Butch Audacity) talks about art and dinosaurs, his music, Dyngus Day, pop culture and how it relates to Ray Harryhausen. Recorded April 20, 2014.

To listen: 140420a.mp3

60. Envisioning the bizarre. Kenn and John interview local artist Neil Mahar. Kenn and John discuss Neil's art and explore what art can be and how it is perceived. Later we talk about Buffalo as an art city and where it is headed. Recorded May 21, 2014.

To listen: 140521a.mp3

61. Caps. Guest co-host Tara Sasiadek talks about Pop Tarts and commercial art. Guest Beth Smith talks about New Era Cap. Kenn calls for a female Archer and Tara tells us all about E-Lab. We all lament the closing of College Street Gallery and the rest will be a surprise. Recorded July 23, 2014.

To listen: 140723a.mp3

62. Spirit bombing, truth 'n' beauty, overnight successes and paderno spiralizers. David Grabowski, a teacher, a chef and seeker of new experiences joins us as we cook up a meaty discussion of kitchen philosophy, fitness testing, hooch, gumption and Zen. Kenn answers a question on spirit photography and Carl introduces a new book review segment. Recorded August 6, 2014.

To listen: 140806.mp3

63. Experiments in terror, GYGAFO, witchcraft, stout-hearted men, and funky Mozart. Clyde Space, a life-long fan of music and pop culture, plays selections of musica obscura from his own extensive collection, including the "official" witch of Los Angeles, unknown prog rock, Froggy Landers and the Cough Drops, and the singular Shooby Taylor scat-singing the old operatic "Stout-Hearted Men." Kenn answers a question on prime lenses, Mr. Answer Man returns, and Carl reviews The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits. Recorded September 10, 2014.

To listen: 140910.mp3

64. The Burnham & Dodge Halloween Special. Kenn and Carl celebrate America's second-most favorite holiday with an hour of scary stories and wacky songs. John Stiny (the voice you hear at the beginning of each show) reads from a grotesque nineteenth-century German picture book and introduces us to the original Little Orphant Annie. John 'Mr. Answer Man' Farallo goes in search of Harry Houdini and tells us what really scares him. Grab a mug of mulled cider and a chocolate doughnut and listen as we learn about jack o' lanterns and goblins and death by Pixy Stix! Recorded October 1, 2014.

To listen: 141001.mp3

65. Talking hoops, kooky artists, Kenn's mystery job, and Betty White's pulled pork. Buffalo artist and entrepreneur Melissa Campbell joins us in a wham-o discussion about running Filigrees Gallery, an art boutique (hosting community events and wellness classes), menís jewelry, loving the 1920s, sailing, and how hula hoops triggered the hippie movement. Kenn explains how film grain captures light. John Farallo fills in for the absent Carl. Recorded November 26, 2014.

To listen: 141126a.mp3

66. Material culture, sink cords, brown foam, Dixieland jazz, and art in the blood. Our guest is gallery owner Dana Tillou who tells us about growing up with art in the house, buying and selling, restoring old pictures, scrimshaw and his lifelong pursuit of the finer things. Carl reviews How to Sharpen Pencils by David Rees and Mr. Answer Man opines on ways to help the homeless. Recorded December 3, 2014.

To listen: 141203a.mp3

67. Jug band music, the Firesign Theatre, gangsta bulldogs, venery and socks and violets. Our guest is Kim Reeves, painter and washboard player and his longtime association with both The Amazing Dr. Zarcon's Breathing Machine and the Zazoo Libation Orchestra. The conversation perambulates from playing in a jug band to painting, artistic uses of duct tape, Hawaiian steel guitar, and the vocation of nursing. Kenn explains ambient light in photography and Carl reviews the history of collective nouns in the book, An Exaltation of Larks by James Lipton. Recorded January 25, 2015.

To listen: 150125a.mp3

68. Economic development, re-enacting the Civil War, and the Fenian invasion of Canada. Author William Donohue talks about economic development, being a priest, thematic elements of HIMSELF, the book about his great grandfather, the Fenian invasion of Canada, Buffaloís Bishop Timon, skeletons in the closet, and the War between the States. Kenn mentions the importance of duct tape and thermostats while Carl provides a long-delayed review of The Art of Procrastination by John Perry. Recorded March 29, 2015.

To listen: 150329a.mp3

69. Military madness, books, pulp fiction, losing it in the moon and zombie politics. Kenn and Carl are joined by veteran and librarian Wil Prout who talks about recoilless rifles, keeping student interest, and arts in libraries. He also reads his poem about baseball (Yes, that's right! Sports on the BDAH!). We welcome the return of Mr. Answer Man who tells us how to keep your roommate from using your stuff. Kenn explains two new uses for duct tape and Carl reviews Cheap Thrills, a history of pulp magazines by Ron Goulart. Recorded May 6, 2015.

To listen: 150506a.mp3