Ryan Gurnett and Mike Cid:
The Struggle is Real

We talk about the fun, sad and downright crazy things that are all a part of being an independent musician in Western New York. Each episode features local music, an interview with an interesting member of the music scene, reporting on upcoming and previous concerts, games, and other assorted nonsense. We understand that being a musician is chaos. We are an outlet for musicians who need advice, support or a helping hand. We’re always looking for more people to join the staff. If you’re interested, you can reach out at SirWilliamIdol@gmail.com. And for posts, updates, local news and more, check us out on Facebook at Facebook.com/TheStruggleIsRealPodcast.
6/9/19 Episode #38
Ryan Gurnett and Mike Cid speak with RJ Porter and Tyson Prince from local pop-punk The Spin Wires. We talk about their new EP Designated Distraction (out of June 29th) and talk about how to be successful in publishing. Ryan yells about people who don’t know how to rep their bands, the gang talks more Porchfest 2019, upcoming concerts (including Chuckie Campbell, Over & Out, Handsome Jack) and we play music by Ian McCuen, Leyda, The Spin Wires and Shaun & B.
0:30 - Intro
2:18 - Ryan Yells About Stuff
10:11 - MUSIC: “Tainted Memory” by Ian McCuen
13:35 - Previous Shows
16:32 - MUSIC: “11.8” by Leyda
19:14 - INTERVIEW: Tyson Prince and RJ Porter from The Spin Wires
40:21 - MUSIC: “Time is a Fire” by The Spin Wires
42:56 - Upcoming Shows
46:18 - MUSIC: “One of These Old Days” by Shaun and B
50:05 - Housekeeping

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