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6/20/21 Musical Theatre #297:
Today I'm in the audio studio, so no pictures. But I have some wonderful music for you, including Chauncey Olcott in four songs from the 1912 musical MACUSHLA, which is the name of a horse and means "Pulse of my Heart". I also have one of the few records I can find of Lillian Russell, singing "Come Down Ma Evenin' Star", originally sung in TWIRLY WHIRLY and revived in Weber and Fields' Jubillee Company in a Pot-pourri of Weber and Fields' Reminiscences. Fay templeton was also in that show, but I wasn't able to find any recordings by her. And last but not at all least I have the Overture and a song from Richard Heuberger's beautiful THE OPERA BALL. Enjoy!
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5/16/21 Musical Theatre #296:
Back after two weeks, not well, some time in the hospital, but recuperating. I'm also back in the audio-visual studio, and I have some excellent photos and music to play and show you. I'm very fond of Viennese operettas, although I prefer the songs in German rather than English. When Lehar's GYPSY LOVE (ZIGEUNERLIEBE in German) was presented on Broadway it wasn't given a good production and it failed, only 30 or so performances. I gave you some of its music two weeks ago, but here is some more. Following GYPSY LOVE came several musicals that starred, among others, Raymond Hitchcock, Al Jolson, Stella Mayhew, Emma Carus and Ina Claire. I have some music from THE QUAKER GIRL, THE THREE ROMEOS, and PEGGY. Enjoy!
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5/16/21 Musical Theatre #295:
In the video studio today with some lovely photos as well as some lovely music. I have jerome Kern's intoLeo Fall'sTHE SIREN, some music from Victor Herbert's WHEN SWEET SIXTEEN. George Cohan's "Any Place the Old Flag Flies" form THE LITTLE MILLIONAIRE, and Irving Berlin's interpolation into Balwin Sloane's THE NEVER HOMES, "There's a Girl in Havana". Incidentally, that song was sung in the show by ayoung Helen Hayes. But the best thing I've got for you is a documentary about Julian Eltinge, the great female impersonator of the early twentieth century. An finally some waltzes from Franz Lehar's GYPSY LOVE. Enjoy!
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5/9/21 Musical Theatre #294:
I'm in the audio studio today, so no pictures, but I have music from several shows performed at the end of the 1911 season and the beginning of the 1912 season. Gerald Bordman in his wonderful book AMERICAN MUSICAL THEATRE; A CHRONICLE tells us that this season had over 40 musicals, the largest up to that time, but with "a disastrous slump in quality". So be it! I have music from DOCTOR DELUXE, HELL/TEMPTATIONS/GABY ( for which Irving Berlin contributed "A Spanish Love"), THE RED ROSE, and the ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1911. Enjoy!
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5/2/21 Musical Theatre #293:
Today I'm in the audio-video studio and I have three 1911 musicals for you. the first one is Ivan Caryll's THE PINK LADY, starring Hazel Dawn. Unfortunately I don't have any recording of Miss Dawn, but I have some lovely music from the show. LA BELLE PAREE followed THE PINK LADY. It starred Stella Mayhew and Featured Al Jolson, starting his long career. It also included songs by Jerome Kern, and I have two of those songs for you. Then came LITTLE MISS FIX-IT starring Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth. They sang "Turn Off Your Light, Mr. Moon Man". When the show went on tour it included some songs by Rosamond and James Weldon Johnson, I have "Excuse Me, Mr. Moon" Enjoy!
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4/25/21 Musical Theatre #292
Today I'm going to play two songs from ALMA, WHERE DO YOU LIVE that I missed when I was going through show by show, sung by Truly Shattuck, a name I've not come across before. Then a few selections from shows I did last week, THE SPRING MAID and THE SLIM PRINCESS, but found this week, especially Chauncey Olcott singing "I Love the Name of Mary" from BARRY OF BALLYMORE. I'm closing with selections from Paul Ruben's THE BALKAN PRINCESS and a revival of Michael Balfe's THE BOHEMIAN GIRL, including Jessye Norman's (pictured) glorious singing of "I Dreamt I Dwelled in Marble Halls". Enjoy!
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4/18/21 Musical Theatre #291
Today I'm back in the video-audio studio and so I've got some lovely photos as well as some wonderful songs for you. I'm especially pleased to be able to show you some photos of Christie McDonald and play three of her songs from THE SPRING MAID a 1910 musical with music by Heinrich Reinhart. I've also got some songs from THE SLIM PRINCESS and BARRY OF BALLYMORE, with Chauncey Olcott. Enjoy!
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4/11/21Musical Theatre #290
Today I'm at the audio only studio, but I continuing with Victor Herbert's NAUGHTY MARIETTA, one of my favorite musical scores. Many shows have one or two really great songs, few have as many as MARIETTA, Between the stage show and the movie version there are at least a dozen or more truly wonderful songs, most of which you've heard last week and today. My very favorite is Jerry Hadley's version of "Softly, as in a Morning's Sunrise". Today I'm also catching up with afew songs from shows I've already done, including "Chinatown, My Chinatown" and "Put Your Arms Around Me Honey". Enjoy!
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4/4/21Musical Theatre #289
Today I'm going to devote my program To music from Victor Herbert's wonderful operetta NAUGHTY MARIETTA. it was a hit in 1910, starring Emma Trentini as Marietta. Unfortunately, Trentini did not make any recordings of Herbert's glorious songs; fortunately Jeannette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy made a movie of the operetta. So today I'll be showing you scenes from the movie version with Macdonald and Eddy singing "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life" and "i'm Falling in Love with Someone" as wells 'The Italian Street Song" and "Chansonette". Enjoy!
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3/28/21Musical Theatre #288
Today I'm back in the audio-video studio, after a two week "vacation" recuperating from a heart valve replacement. It's so great to be able to do a show again, especially since I'll be starting my survey of Victor Herbert's great operetta NAUGHTY MARIETTA. This score has so many beautiful songs (with lyrics by Rida Young) such as "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life" and "I'm Falling in Love with Someone". I also have some songs from some musicals of the time as well as an early recording by Inez Barbour of "My Hero" from THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER. This 1910 production was a revival of Oscar Straus' operetta. Enjoy!
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3/7/21Musical Theatre #287
I'm in the audio-video studio today and I hope with sound and not too many mistakes. After the ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1910, UP AND DOWN BROADWAY, starring Eddie Foy and Emma Carus, with songs by Jean Schwartz and two interpolations by Irving Berlin, opened at the Casino Theatre. I've got those two interpolations for you today, as well as several songs from OUR MISS GIBBS, with songs by Lionel Monckton; and some songs from Karl Hoschna's MADAME SHERRY. That show had the crazy but wonderful song, "Every Little Movement Has a Meaning All Its Own". It's amazing how many songs from the early 1900s are still with us today. So please enjoy these and all the songs I've included at the beginning of this program, the most popular songs of 1900 to 1910. Enjoy!
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2/28/21Musical Theatre #286
Today I'm back in the video-audio studio and I'm on FB. I've got some wonderful photos and songs for you but I've also made a few awful mistakes. Sorry! For the most part I'm dealing with THE ZIEGFELD FOLLIES IF 1910 which .among others Bert Williams and Fannie Brice. While Williams recorded quite a few songs from the 1910 FOLLIES, Brice did not, sad to say. But I've got Williams singing and I've got many photos of Brice, so some compensation. Enjoy!
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2/21/21 Musical Theatre #285
Today I'm in the audio studio, so no photos, but some lovely music and performers. I have several songs from the 1910 musical THE ARCADIANS, a show I missed two weeks ago, so I'm catching up with the songs today, and using an English 2011 recording, pretty decent sound. I'm also including two 1910 recordings, one of Phyllis Dare, the star of the original London performances, and another of Julia Sanderson, the star of the Broadway show. I'm also playing some songs from various musicals with performances by Grace LaRue, Irene Franklin and Valerie Masterson. Enjoy!
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2/7/21 Musical Theatre #284
Today I'm back in the audio-video studio. I have songs sung by Nora Bayes, Jack Norworth, Blanche Ring, Fred Stone, Dave Montgomery, Joan Morris, and Enrico Caruso. Guiseppe Verdi's "La Donna e Mobile" was interpreted into a show in 1910 called THE PRINCE OF BOHEMIA. Caruso was not in the show; a guy named Andrew Mack sang the aria, but since I couldn't find Mack, we get Caruso. Also from a show called TILLIE'S NIGHTMARE, I've got a grand song "Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl", performed both by Joan Morris, seriously, and parodied by the great Bert Lahr. Enjoy!
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1/31/21 Musical Theatre #283
Back in the audio studio today, no photos or videos, only music. But what music! I'm starting off with a medley of music from Victor Herbert's, not very successful operetta, OLD DUTCH, played by Herbert's orchestra in 1910. The from THE GODDESS OF LIBERTY one of those oldies that still lives on, "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now", by Billy Murray and Harry Nillson in a modern recording. Finally, from THE JOLLY BACHELOR, which starred Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth in the last musical of 1909, some songs, including "Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly". Enjoy!
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1/24/21 Musical Theatre #282
Today I'm at the video-audio studio, and I'm still in my mode of contemplation of the recent past, January 6th and January 13th, the inauguration of President Biden. I was so touched by Lady Gaga's singing of the Nation Anthem and Amanda Gorman's poem, as well as Garth Brooks "Amazing Grace" that I have included them today. And then on to more songs from Oscar Straus' THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER and Bert Williams' MR. LODE OF KOAL. Although we have the songs of Bert Williams, we don't have him singing those songs. We have a fairly poor singer but we have the songs. So enjoy what we have!
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1/17/21 Musical Theatre #281
Today I'm in the audio only studio and I'm continuing with my comments on the condition of our country, including some words by Simon Critchfield's article about David Bowie in last Sunday's NEW YORK TIMES, as well a performance by Bowie of his song "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide". In an entirely different mood I'm continuing my journey with early 20th century musical theatre music with selections from THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER, an English version of Leo Fall's 1908 Viennese operetta, DER TAFERE SOLDAT. I'm including a version of the wonderful "My Hero" sung by Joan Sutherland, truly one of the great voices of the last century. Enjoy!
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1/10/21 Musical Theatre #280
Today, because of last Wednesday, and the assault on the Capitol, I have departed from my usual playing music of the early 1900s to a discussion of that event and its impact on me. I hope not too egocentric, but the event had such a powerful effect on me that I couldn't do my regular show. Marian Anderson has been one of my heroines for decades,and so I include some of her music to help me explain my feelings. I cannot say enjoy this program as I usually do, but I hope you will listen to the glorious music and shed a tear for our Democracy.
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1/3/21 Musical Theatre #279
This afternoon I am back in the audio studio, and I have some wonderful music for you to listen to. Added to THE ZIEGFELD FOLLIES of 1909 after it opened was the lovely "By the Light Of the Silvery Moon", sung by Lillian Lorraine, but here by Ada Jones. I love Ada Jones and am glad that she and Bill Murray recorded so much theatre music, but oh how I wish that Lorraine, Anna Held, Eva Tanguay, Blanche Ring and others had recorded their songs. So be it! Murray and Jones team up in another song of the theatre in 190, "What Makes the World Go Round" Edgar Van Alstyne's song from A BROKEN IDOL. The largest portion of today's program is devoted selections from Emmerich Kalman's and Franz Lehars' operettas, sung in Hungarian. The reason for this inclusion is Kalman's THE GAY HUSSARS, from which I have no music. so the next best thing I could do was to give you ten selections in Hungarian from as I have stated other operettas by Kalman and Lehar. The 1909-1910 season was extremely devoted to quite a few operettas. So enjoy!
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12/20/20 Musical Theatre #278
Today I'm back at the video-audio studio, so people who listen to this on FB will be able to see a few photos that are quite excellent. I love the old photos as much as the old records, so I'm delighted to have this opportunity to have video access every once in awhile. I'm starting today with the first recording ever made of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". It was not in any show, but it was an extremely popular song of 1908, and I love the song a lot. So! I end today with the "I Don't Care" lady, Eva Tanguay(pictured),who starred in the ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1909. In between I have music and photos of quite a few musicals from 1908. Ada Jones and Billy Murray are joined by Elizabeth Wheeler and the Light Opera Company to perform the songs. Enjoy!
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12/13/20 Musical Theatre #277
Today I'm back to the audio only studio, so I'll play some CDs. No pictures. Hopefully, next week I'll be back to the audio-video studio. It's a bit difficult manipulating all the buttons on the computers for an old man, but it's worth the effort, I think. I'm going back to some shows I've presented in the past because I've found some songs I didn't have when I first presented the shows. Today I have a delightful Bert Williams song he wrote for BANDANALAND'S tour, "I'm Tired of Eating in Restaurants", which I think is sort of pertinent today, Covid-19 having closed so many restaurants. Iv'e also got "Rose of the World" Victor Herbert's beauty from ALGERIA, sung the excellent James Melton. I also have selections from THE THREE TWINS, FLUFFY RUFFLES, PRIMA DONNA and THE PIED PIPER. Enjoy
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12/6/20 Musical Theatre #276
Today I'll be playing music from Cohan's AN AMERICAN IDEA, Victor Herbert's LITTLE NEMO and Ludwig Englander's MISS INNOCENCE, although that show included songs by other song writers, including Jean Schwartz. Ada Jones figures again singing songs that were performed by others in their original shows, such as Marie Cahill and Blanche Ring. Why these ladies, as well as Anna Held, didn't record some of their songs is something i don't understand. At least, if they did, I can't find them. However. please ENJOY the recordings and singers I can find. I'll keep looking.
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11/29/20 Musical Theatre #275
Today I'll be doing several shows back in the audio-video space, with a special documentary about Julian Eltinge th great female impressionist of the turn of the century. Those of you who will listen on the audio shoe will of course not see the wonderful photos from Mr. Eltinge's career, but you can always catch the video on You Tube, which as usual has the most remarkable songs and images from the past. I also have some music from THE ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1908 and Victor Herbert's operetta ALGERIA, Enjoy!
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11/22/20 Musical Theatre #274
Today I am back at the audio-video room and I am quite fortunate to have You Tube songs and photos that I can share with you. Two George Cohan shows, one closely following the other are here today for you to listen to. The first one, FIFTY MILES FROM BOSTON, was not at all successful, although it contained one of his best songs, "Harrigan". I have a recording of Cohan singing it as well as "Small Town Girl" from the same show. The next show, THE YANKEE PRINCE was more successful, and although cohan starred in the show, it didn't produce any really lasting popular songs. One other show, THE THREE TWINS introduced a couple of songs, "The Yama Yama Man" and "Cuddle Up a Little Closer", that became quite popular, with "Cuddle Up" still popular today. Enjoy!
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