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11/12/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 140
One show this afternoon, Cole Porter's least successful show, and his least favorite show, YOU NEVER KNOW.  He had had a tragic accident, one which left him unable to use one leg, and possibly was under such duress that his songs suffered, and were not up to his usual standard, that is according to some critics.  Several of his songs, which I have included in this show, were cut from show and were replaced by a few other composers and lyricists.  The show only ran for 78 performances, in spite of a cast that included Clifton Webb, Libby Holman, and Lupe Velez.  A 1991 revival at the Pasadena Playhouse, starred Kristin Chenowith, Donna McKechnie, Harry Groener and David Garrison; I have included some songs from that production's cast album. 
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11/5/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 139
Just one show today, Rodgers and Hart's I MARRIED AN ANGEL.  This was a pretty successful show, Joshua Logan's first musical theatre show, including a dances by George Balanchine and starring his soon to be third wife, Vera Zorina.  It also starred Dennis King, Vivienne Segal and Audrey Christie.  And it was made into movie musical with Jeannette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.  Thanks to Ben Bagley and his Revisited Series, Bobby Short, Kristin Chenowith, Dawn Upshaw, Paula Lawrence and Patti Page I'm able to present to you almost all of the songs from the show as well as two that were cut because, according to Ben Bagley, Vera Zorina, although she could dance, couldn't carry a tune.  So be it! Enjoy!
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10/28/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 138
Tonight I'm catching up with a song from Harold Rome's PINS AND NEEDLES that I wasn't able to give you last week: Ruth Rubenstein's rendition of "Chain Store Daisy".  I'm also including another version of "God's Country" from Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg's HOORAY FOR WHAT sung by Judy Kaye.  The main show tonight is Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz's BETWEEN THE DEVIL featuring their beautiful "I See Your Face Before Me" as well as "Triplets" and "By Myself".  I'll start Rodgers and Hart's I MARRIED AN ANGEL with a lovely recording by Bea Wain of the title song, but next week I'll probably devote most of the hour to that show. 
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10/21/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 137
Two shows tonight:  Harold Rome's PINS AND NEEDLES  and Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg's HOORAY FOR WHAT.  Some songs from PINS AND NEEDLES, sung by Milly Weitz, "Nobody Makes a Pass at ME", and "Sing Me a Song of Social Significance", sung by Kay Weber, both from the original cast, accompanied  by Harold Rome.  A third song, "Sunday in the Park", sung by Michael Vita.  I've included quite a few songs from HOORAY FOR WHAT, thanks to Ben Bagley and his Harold Arlen Revisited album.  And finally a wonderful recording by Barbara Cook of "Buds Won't Bud".  Enjoy!
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10/15/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 136
Today's show is the 1937 Rodgers and Hart's I'D RATHER BE RIGHT, starring George M. Cohan as FDR, although Cohan loathed FDR.  Rodgers didn't help for he wrote music that was not at all in Cohan's style.  Moreover, Cohan didn't appreciate Hart's lyrics. So!  The show, written by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart, the authors of the Gershwins' hit OF THEE I SING, should have been another hit but only ran for 290 performances, not too bad, but not a hit. I have several songs from the show, including one that was (sadly) cut, "Everybody Loves You", but I have nothing by Cohan. Staying with R&H I'm adding some songs from two films, Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald's LOVE ME TONIGHT (1932) and Al Jolson's HALLELUJAH, I'M A BUM! (1933).  Enjoy!
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10/08/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 135
This program, thanks to Ben Bagley and his Revisted Series of Broadway composers, allows me to revisit THE SHOW IS ON with three more songs, one by Hoagy Carmichael and two by Vernon Duke, with lyrics by Ted Fetter.  Ben also gives us two more songs by Duke from an unproduced 1954 show DILLY, which I'll no doubt never get to, unless I live to 100. I'm very fond of Duke and so many of his songs are not known, so here are some to listen to.  Also this program includes two songs from Marc Blitzstein's powerful show THE CRADLE WILL ROCK and one from Arthur Schwartz's VIRGINIA. Enjoy!
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10/1/17 MUSICAL THEATRE #134
One show today, Rodgers and Hart's BABES IN ARMS, which in spite of great reviews got off to a shaky start.  But because all other musicals playing at the time closed, BABES was the only musical on Broadway and eventually racked up 289 performances.  The 1990 New World Records recording of the show is a wonderful performance that stars Gregg Edelman, Judy Blazer, Jason Graae and Judy Kaye, with Evans Haile conducting the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.  The sound is excellent and there is a very informative booklet accompanying the CD that offers a history of the show, a synopsis, the lyrics to the songs, and finally a fascinating essay, by Theodore Chapin, about the orchestrations used in this album.  If you can get this CD I highly recommend it. Enjoy what I cab offer here.
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9/16/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 133
The very successful revue starring Bea Lillie and Bert Lahr, THE SHOW IS ON, was the last show of 1936. The score was mostly composed by Vernon Duke, but the big hit was Hoagy Carmichael's "Little Old Lady", and I have a recording of the song by Hoagy.  In February 1937 Franz Lehar's operetta FREDERIKA opened; it starred Dennis King and was sung in English, but I have three songs in German, including the exquisite "Warum hast du mich wachgekusst", sung by Erika Koth.  Two months later came a very successful Rodgers and Hart show BABES IN ARMS, which included the great "Where or When" as well as "Johnny One Note", "The Lady Is a Tramp"  and "My Funny Valentine". Enjoy!
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9/10/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 132
One show today, Noel Coward's TONIGHT AT 8:30, which opened in London on January, 1936, and in New York in November of the same year.  It played for 118 performances and would have played longer but Coward became ill and had to close the show.  He and his great co-star Gertrude Lawrence were able to record several of the songs from the show, including "Has Anyone Seen Our Ship", "Play, Orchestra, Play!", and "You Were There", all quite wonderful songs.  I close this program with several of Miss Lawrence's later successes from LADY IN THE DARK and THE KING AND I as a tribute to one of the great performers of the last century.  Enjoy!
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9/2/17 9/2/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 131
This program is devoted to one show, Kurt Weill and Paul Green's JOHHNY JOHNSON.   The show was not too successful, playing only 68 performances and receiving not too en couraging reviews.  The opening night audience was extremely enthusiastic, but that didn't help the box office.  The music tonight is from a 1956 performance released on CD in 1987 on Polydor, starring Burgess Meredith, Evelyn Lear, Lotte Lenya and Thmas Stewart, with the original Kurt Weill orchestrations.  Enjoy!
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8/26/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 130
This program continues with music from Cole Porter's RED, HOT AND BLUE, including some songs that were cut from the Broadway production.  The lovely "Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye", sung here by Susannah McCorkle, was inexplicably cut;  it's a quite lovely song.  I've also included several songs from Kurt Weill and Paul Green's JOHNNY JOHNSON. This was Weill's first Broadway show and it wasn't well received ; however, it included some excellent songs, one of which, "Johnny's Song", is included here in two very different versions, one by Jeff Harnar and the other by Thomas Hampson.  Enjoy!
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8/19/17  MUSICAL THEATRE # 129
Tonight I'm finishing my memories of Barbara Cook with "This Nearly Was Mine" and "It's Not Where You Start". We'll probably hear more from her for she made great recordings of so many Broadway show tunes and left us with large collection of her performances.  Back to our chronological sequence; there were a large number of Gilbert and Sullivan revivals in the thirties and following ON YOUR TOES there were 15 revivals, including COX AND BOX from which I'm including the Overture.  Then came the revival Ralph Benatzky's THE WHITE HORSE INN and Cole Porter's RED, HOT AND BLUE, starring Ethel Merman, Bob Hope, and Jimmy Durante.  I've included Merman's 1936 recordings of her four big numbers: "Down in the Depths", "It's Delovely", "Ridin' High", and "Red, Hot and Blue".  Enjoy!
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This program is devoted to Barbara Cook, who died last week at the age of 89.  Her career began in the early 50s in the short lived musical FLAHOOLEY, continued with shows like CANDIDE, THE MUSIC MAN, and SHE LOVES ME.  But it was in her later years as a cabaret singer that she made a lasting impression on so many, including me, giving so much pleasure, singing into her 80s, in small clubs as well as Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Opera House. I've included songs as early as her 1951 recording of "He's Only Wonderful" to her 2004 recording of "This Nearly Was Mine".  In my opinion her voice was even more glorious in 2004 than it was in 1951. Peace, Barbara.
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8/5/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 127
Two shows tonight, the first MURDER IN THE OLD RED BARN, had songs by Richard Lewine and John Latouche, but the show also included some oldies, "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" and "Happy Days Are Here Again".  Performances by John McCormack, of the first song, and Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland, of the second song, are presented here.  The next show was ON YOUR TOES, with 315 performances, was quite successful. Starring Ray Bolger and Tamara Geva, it contained the ballet "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue", performed here in a 1936 recording by Paul Whiteman. George Balanchine was the choreographer of this ballet and "La Princesse Zenobia".  George Abbot wrote the book and also directed the show.  Several wonderful Rodgers and Hart songs were in the show:  "Glad To Be Unhappy", "There's a Small Hotel", and "Quiet Night".  Enjoy!
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7/29/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 126
Tonight, thanks to Ben Bagley and his Painted  Smiles Revisited Series, I have a few more songs from the GEORGE WHITE SCANDALS OF 1936, including Dorothy Loudon's rendition of "I've Got to Get Hot ".  A third edition of CONTINENTAL VARIETIES, starring Lucienne Boyer, only played 9 performances, but Miss Boyer again sang many songs of her repertoire; here I have a 1935 performance of "Hands across the Table". And to conclude this program I have some songs by Ira Gershwin and Vernon Duke from THE ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1936.  Thanks to a revival of the FOLLIES by City Encores in 2000 we have the entire score, using restored orchestrations by Steven Bowen, and starring Howard McGillan, Ruthie Henshall, and Christine Ebersole.  Enjoy!  The caricatures are of the original cast, including Fanny Brice.
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7/22/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 125
Three shows for this program!  JUMBO, the first show from them since 1931, included an elephant, Jimmy Durante, and several wonderful R&H songs: "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World", "Little Girl Blue", and "My Romance".  MAY WINE, a Sigmund Romberg and Oscar Hammerstein II operetta, ran for 213 performances, but did not contain any great songs, but I've included three songs that are quite lovely, especially "Dance My Darlings", although Ben Bagley's arrangement  truly indicates that he, as he claims, "is incurably insane".  The last show is GEORGE WHITE"S SCANDALS OF 1936, using Ray Henderson's last Broadway show tunes (he did return in the early 40s. I've included Douglas Sill's charming rendition of "Cigarette". Enjoy!
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7/8/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 124
This program is devoted to Cole Porter's 1935 musical JUBILEE. In spite of a wonderful score, a cast including the very popular Mary Boland, and a book by Moss Hart, the show was not a success. Even the excellent song "Begin the Beguine"  was not a success at first.  I have a fine performance of that song by Thomas Hampson as well as several songs from the show sung by Cole, among them the delightful "The Kling Kling Bird on the Divi Divi Tree". One day someone will, hopefully, record the entire score using the original orchestrations; until then enjoy the recordings we do have, especially when they are performed as beautifully as Mabel Mercer's "When Loves Comes Your Way".
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7/1/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 123
This program is devoted to George and Ira Gershwin and DuBose Heyward's PORGY AND BESS. It was not a success when it first opened in 1935, running only 124 performances.  Opera or what?  Should it be performed on Broadway or in an opera house?  That question seems stupid now; it's just a great piece of theatre with some of Gershwin's most thrilling melodies. I've got performances by a few of the original cast members, Abbie Mitchell, Todd Duncan, and Anne Brown as well as Leontyne Price, William Warfield, and Lawrence Tibbett. And a really grand performance of "My Man's Gone Now" by Sarah Vaughan.  Enjoy!
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6/24/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 122
One show for this program:  AT HOME ABROAD, a revue by Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz.   This show starred Beatrice Lillie, Ethel Waters, Eleanor Powell and Reginald Gardiner; I'm delighted to be able to bring to you quite a few songs sung by the original cast. Some of the recordings are not of the greatest quality, but they are good enough to be able to understand the words fairly well.  And there is a recording of Ethel Waters singing "Theif in the Night"  that is quite good.  If you've never heard Beatrice Lillie, there are several here that should amuse you very much.  Enjoy!
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6/17/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 121
Tonight I'll begin with music from the disappointing twenty week run of THUMBS UP, a show which included one of Vernon Duke's best songs, "Autumn in New York".  The song was the closing number of this revue, sung before a background of moving screens showing pictures of Manhattan.  Another big hit was James Hanley's "Zing Went the Strings of My Heart", made popular later in the 30's by Judy Garland.  Songs from a revival of THE GREEN PASTURES, a revue entitled PARADE, and EARL CARROLL'S SKETCH BOOK OF 1935 complete the program.  Enjoy!
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6/11/17 MUSICAL THEATRE # 120
Today's program commences with the first Arthur Schwarz Howard Dietz musical comedy.  Their previous endeavors, quite successful, were revues, the most famous of which was THE BANDWAGON. They weren't as successful with book shows; however, REVENGE WITH MUSIC, starring Libby Holman, contained two of their loveliest songs, "You and the Night and the Music" and "If There Were Someone Lovelier Than You".  Some songs from Lew Brown and Harry Akst's musical, thanks to Ben Bagley and his Revisited Series, CALLING ALL STARS completes the program.  I've also included a few songs from Schwartz's 1930 London musical HERE COMES THE BRIDE. Enjoy!
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6/3/17  MUSICAL THEATRE # 119
Tonight's program is devoted to Cole Porter's great 1934 show ANYTHING GOES, possibly Porter's best show, unless it's KISS ME KATE.  Anyway, best or second best, it has some of his best songs, including the title song, "I Get a Kick Out of You", "You're the Top" and "Blow Gabriel Blow", all of which were introduced by Ethel Merman and are sung by her in this program.  I've included practically every song from the show, sung by Patti Lupone, Howard McGillan, Helen Gallagher, Susanna McCorkle and Mr. Porter, whose rendition of "Anything Goes" is a total pleasure.  Enjoy!
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