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2/21/21 Musical Theatre #285
Today I'm in the audio studio, so no photos, but some lovely music and performers. I have several songs from the 1910 musical THE ARCADIANS, a show I missed two weeks ago, so I'm catching up with the songs today, and using an English 2011 recording, pretty decent sound. I'm also including two 1910 recordings, one of Phyllis Dare, the star of the original London performances, and another of Julia Sanderson, the star of the Broadway show. I'm also playing some songs from various musicals with performances by Grace LaRue, Irene Franklin and Valerie Masterson. Enjoy!
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2/7/21 Musical Theatre #284
Today I'm back in the audio-video studio. I have songs sung by Nora Bayes, Jack Norworth, Blanche Ring, Fred Stone, Dave Montgomery, Joan Morris, and Enrico Caruso. Guiseppe Verdi's "La Donna e Mobile" was interpreted into a show in 1910 called THE PRINCE OF BOHEMIA. Caruso was not in the show; a guy named Andrew Mack sang the aria, but since I couldn't find Mack, we get Caruso. Also from a show called TILLIE'S NIGHTMARE, I've got a grand song "Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl", performed both by Joan Morris, seriously, and parodied by the great Bert Lahr. Enjoy!
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1/31/21 Musical Theatre #283
Back in the audio studio today, no photos or videos, only music. But what music! I'm starting off with a medley of music from Victor Herbert's, not very successful operetta, OLD DUTCH, played by Herbert's orchestra in 1910. The from THE GODDESS OF LIBERTY one of those oldies that still lives on, "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now", by Billy Murray and Harry Nillson in a modern recording. Finally, from THE JOLLY BACHELOR, which starred Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth in the last musical of 1909, some songs, including "Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly". Enjoy!
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1/24/21 Musical Theatre #282
Today I'm at the video-audio studio, and I'm still in my mode of contemplation of the recent past, January 6th and January 13th, the inauguration of President Biden. I was so touched by Lady Gaga's singing of the Nation Anthem and Amanda Gorman's poem, as well as Garth Brooks "Amazing Grace" that I have included them today. And then on to more songs from Oscar Straus' THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER and Bert Williams' MR. LODE OF KOAL. Although we have the songs of Bert Williams, we don't have him singing those songs. We have a fairly poor singer but we have the songs. So enjoy what we have!
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1/17/21 Musical Theatre #281
Today I'm in the audio only studio and I'm continuing with my comments on the condition of our country, including some words by Simon Critchfield's article about David Bowie in last Sunday's NEW YORK TIMES, as well a performance by Bowie of his song "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide". In an entirely different mood I'm continuing my journey with early 20th century musical theatre music with selections from THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER, an English version of Leo Fall's 1908 Viennese operetta, DER TAFERE SOLDAT. I'm including a version of the wonderful "My Hero" sung by Joan Sutherland, truly one of the great voices of the last century. Enjoy!
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1/10/21 Musical Theatre #280
Today, because of last Wednesday, and the assault on the Capitol, I have departed from my usual playing music of the early 1900s to a discussion of that event and its impact on me. I hope not too egocentric, but the event had such a powerful effect on me that I couldn't do my regular show. Marian Anderson has been one of my heroines for decades,and so I include some of her music to help me explain my feelings. I cannot say enjoy this program as I usually do, but I hope you will listen to the glorious music and shed a tear for our Democracy.
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1/3/21 Musical Theatre #279
This afternoon I am back in the audio studio, and I have some wonderful music for you to listen to. Added to THE ZIEGFELD FOLLIES of 1909 after it opened was the lovely "By the Light Of the Silvery Moon", sung by Lillian Lorraine, but here by Ada Jones. I love Ada Jones and am glad that she and Bill Murray recorded so much theatre music, but oh how I wish that Lorraine, Anna Held, Eva Tanguay, Blanche Ring and others had recorded their songs. So be it! Murray and Jones team up in another song of the theatre in 190, "What Makes the World Go Round" Edgar Van Alstyne's song from A BROKEN IDOL. The largest portion of today's program is devoted selections from Emmerich Kalman's and Franz Lehars' operettas, sung in Hungarian. The reason for this inclusion is Kalman's THE GAY HUSSARS, from which I have no music. so the next best thing I could do was to give you ten selections in Hungarian from as I have stated other operettas by Kalman and Lehar. The 1909-1910 season was extremely devoted to quite a few operettas. So enjoy!
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12/20/20 Musical Theatre #278
Today I'm back at the video-audio studio, so people who listen to this on FB will be able to see a few photos that are quite excellent. I love the old photos as much as the old records, so I'm delighted to have this opportunity to have video access every once in awhile. I'm starting today with the first recording ever made of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". It was not in any show, but it was an extremely popular song of 1908, and I love the song a lot. So! I end today with the "I Don't Care" lady, Eva Tanguay(pictured),who starred in the ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1909. In between I have music and photos of quite a few musicals from 1908. Ada Jones and Billy Murray are joined by Elizabeth Wheeler and the Light Opera Company to perform the songs. Enjoy!
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12/13/20 Musical Theatre #277
Today I'm back to the audio only studio, so I'll play some CDs. No pictures. Hopefully, next week I'll be back to the audio-video studio. It's a bit difficult manipulating all the buttons on the computers for an old man, but it's worth the effort, I think. I'm going back to some shows I've presented in the past because I've found some songs I didn't have when I first presented the shows. Today I have a delightful Bert Williams song he wrote for BANDANALAND'S tour, "I'm Tired of Eating in Restaurants", which I think is sort of pertinent today, Covid-19 having closed so many restaurants. Iv'e also got "Rose of the World" Victor Herbert's beauty from ALGERIA, sung the excellent James Melton. I also have selections from THE THREE TWINS, FLUFFY RUFFLES, PRIMA DONNA and THE PIED PIPER. Enjoy
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12/6/20 Musical Theatre #276
Today I'll be playing music from Cohan's AN AMERICAN IDEA, Victor Herbert's LITTLE NEMO and Ludwig Englander's MISS INNOCENCE, although that show included songs by other song writers, including Jean Schwartz. Ada Jones figures again singing songs that were performed by others in their original shows, such as Marie Cahill and Blanche Ring. Why these ladies, as well as Anna Held, didn't record some of their songs is something i don't understand. At least, if they did, I can't find them. However. please ENJOY the recordings and singers I can find. I'll keep looking.
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11/29/20 Musical Theatre #275
Today I'll be doing several shows back in the audio-video space, with a special documentary about Julian Eltinge th great female impressionist of the turn of the century. Those of you who will listen on the audio shoe will of course not see the wonderful photos from Mr. Eltinge's career, but you can always catch the video on You Tube, which as usual has the most remarkable songs and images from the past. I also have some music from THE ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1908 and Victor Herbert's operetta ALGERIA, Enjoy!
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11/22/20 Musical Theatre #274
Today I am back at the audio-video room and I am quite fortunate to have You Tube songs and photos that I can share with you. Two George Cohan shows, one closely following the other are here today for you to listen to. The first one, FIFTY MILES FROM BOSTON, was not at all successful, although it contained one of his best songs, "Harrigan". I have a recording of Cohan singing it as well as "Small Town Girl" from the same show. The next show, THE YANKEE PRINCE was more successful, and although cohan starred in the show, it didn't produce any really lasting popular songs. One other show, THE THREE TWINS introduced a couple of songs, "The Yama Yama Man" and "Cuddle Up a Little Closer", that became quite popular, with "Cuddle Up" still popular today. Enjoy!
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11/15/20 Musical Theatre #273
This week some catching up on Past show music, but most of all I've devoted alomost a half hour to the Australian Radio adaptation of Oscar Straus' A WALTZ DREAM. I only know that on YOU TUBE every once in a while a half hour radio adaptation of shows like THE ORCHID and MISS HOOK OF HOLLAND show up. I love them and like to share them with you, even though I really find it difficult to understand some of the singers; they are singing in English, but sometimes it might as well be another language. I've also included two versions of Straus's ( he uses only one “s” in his name to distinguish himself from the Waltz King Strauss) great aria, one by the great Richard Taubner and the other by the great Fritz Wunderlich. I close today's show with a medley of music from George Cohan's FIFTY MILES FROM BOSTON, played the Peacherino Ragtime Orchestra. Enjoy!
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11/8/20 MUSICAL THEATRE #272
Today I'm back at the audio video studio, which means that I can show both pictures and play music. It also means that I can make more mistakes than usual. Well, tomorrow I'll be 88 and so it's amazing that I'm even here. I have two very different shows for you, a Viennese operetta, Oscar Straus' A WALTZ DREAM, in German EIN WALZERTRAUM, and a Bert Williams, George Walker, Aida Overton WALKER musical, BANDANA LAND. with music be Will Marion Cook. Both shows opened in early 1908 on Broadway. And I have a theme song now, Cohan's "Give My Regards to Broadway". My favorite pieces today are Fritz Wunderlich's singing and the tribute to Williams, Walker and Overton. Enjoy!
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11/1/20 MUSICAL THEATRE #271
I'm back on the video-audio today with some some lovely songs and some lovely pictures. Two shows today: Paul Ruben's MISS HOOK OF HOLLAND and THE PARISIAN MODEL, starring Anna Held (pictured). I don't have any records of Mis Held, but I do have one of her songs from THE PARISIAN MODEL, "I Just Can't Make My Eyes Behave", sung by Ada Jones. But I do have some wonderful photos of Miss Held. Also some songs and photos of MISS HOOK OF HOLLAND, which starred Christie Macdonald. Why I can't get any recordings her and Miss Held is beyond me. So be it! Enjoy what I have, please.
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10/25/20 MUSICAL THEATRE #270
Today I'm back in the video-audio studio and so I get to show you some wonderful pictures of THE MERRY WIDOW in the 2014 Metropolitan Opera production with Renee Fleming and Nathan Gunn as well as a 1977 New York City Center Opera production with Beverly Sills. In addition I have the finale of an Australian Ballet Company production of THE MERRY WIDOW with Lisa Pavanne and Steven Heathcote dancing. I also have for a Waltz Song from Edward German's operetta TOM JONES and some music from De Koven's THE GIRLS OF HOLLAND. I close with the overture to George Cohan's THE TALK OF NEW YORK played be the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra conducted by Rick Benjamin. Enjoy!
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10/18/20 MUSICAL THEATRE #269
Today I'll devote most of time to Franz Lehar's THE MERRY WIDOW, or in German DIE LUSTIGE WITWE. Already a great success in Europe it appeared on Broaway on October 21,1907 at the Knickerbocker Theatre for 416 performances. In the early 1900's not many shows reached that number. I've included quite a few numbers here, including a lovely performance of "Vilja" by Joan Sutherland and the riotous Can Can as well as the Waltz. In addition to THE MERRY WIDOW music, I've included an early Jerome Kern song "How'd You Like to Spoon with Me?", which was interpolated into Ivan Caryll's THE EARL AND THE GIRL, and "The Glow Worm", by Paul Lincke, interpolated into THE GIRL BEHIND THE COUNTER. Enjoy!
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10/11/20 MUSICAL THEATRE #268
I'm back to just audio today, and I have some wonderful songs for you, especially early Jerome Kern, "The Subway Express", interpolated in FASCINATING FLORA, and "Never Marry a Girl with Cold Feet", from THE DAIRYMAIDS. We all know the catchy song "School Days", but did you know it came from a show back in 1907 called THE HIRED GIRL'S MILLIONS? I've also some lovely ballet music and couple of fun songs from a revival of Victor Herbert's MLLE. MODISTE. From a show called THE GIRL BEHIND THE COUNTER I have Ada Jones and Billy Murray singing "When You Steal a Kiss Or Two Making Love". Enjoy!
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10/4/20 MUSICAL THEATRE #267
Today I'm back on the video audio, that is I'm able to show you pictures as well as play songs. The shows I'm able to discuss today include THE SHOO-FLY REGIMENT and THE ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1907. THE SHOO-FLY REGIMENT was written by Bob Cole with songs by Rosamund and James Weldon Johnson; he was more famous for his poetry, but he also wrote lyrics for many early 20th century musicals. Rosamund wrote the music. Their most famous song was "Lift Every Voice and Sing", sometimes known as the Black national anthem. The FOLLIES' geat star was Grace La Rue: I've include a lengthy biography of her. She was a White woman who not only was a great star of musicals and vaudeville, but was, in vaudeville, who starred with two Black Africans who were called Her Inkey Boys. She certainly was the first White women to play with Black African men. Remember that these were the days of Whites playing Blacks with blackfaces. Also the days of the so-called "Coon" songs. Regrettably I don't have any photos or song of the people. But it is interesting to note that there were some shows by Black Africans and at least one group of mixed race. Racism still exists although we have come a long way. Enjoy what I have been able to get for you.
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9/27/20 MUSICAL THEATRE #266
Today I'm back in the audio studio, so no videos. So I'm not going to make too many mistakes. I had no idea that Victor Herbert wrote music for a show called THE TATTOOED MAN, not one of his best scores, but I have some selections from the show played by Herbert's orchestra on a 1910 Edison cylinder. I'm also giving you a rather long radio show from 1946 from Sydney, Australia, telling you the rather insane but charming story of Ivan Caryll and Lionel Monckton's THE ORCHID, as it was originally done in London. On Broadway it was loaded with interpolated songs, among them some by Jerome Kern, one of which was "I'm Well Known". Kern also interpolated some songs into FASCINATING FLORA, one of which is here, "Ballooning". So begins Kern's huge career as one of Broadway and Hollywood's greatest song writers. Enjoy!
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9/20/20 MUSICAL THEATRE #265
Today I'll start with some more music from Victor Herbert's THE RED MILL. His beautiful song, one of his very best, "Moonbeams", performed by Dorothy Kirsten. Also, two songs sung by Jerry Hadley, "The Streets of New York" and "Every Day Is Ladies' Day". Goth Miss Kirsten and Mr. Hadley were important stars of the Metropolitan Opera. Also today I've have for you a song. "Matrimony", performed by May Irwin, an extremely popular performer in the early 1900 hundreds. I'm back to the Facebook pictures and videos routine, a routine I have yet to master, so there are quite a few mishaps to plow through. But the music is there and some wonder photos to see and hear, so forgive my ineptitude with the mechanics. Enjoy!
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9/13/20 MUSICAL THEATRE #264
Today I'm going to go back to some of the songs I omitted as I was traversing chronologicall the shows of the early 1900;s. I'm going to be using a CD entitled MUSIC FROM THE NEW YORK STAGE 1890- 1908. So you'll be listening to some very old, scratchy records from 1902 and onward. I love the old records and thank Columbia, RCA Victor and Edison for them and whoever saved them and included the in the CD's, all four volumes. up, until 1920 .Among the artists you'll hear today are Raymond Hitchcock, Madge Crichton, Emma Carus and George Cohan. Enjoy!
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8/30/20 MUSICAL THEATRE #263
Today I've made a few mistakes. New technology, a bit complicated for an old man. What I've been doing is not only audio, but also videos and photos relating to the music. Those who watch me on You Tube will see the photos and hear the music. But those who just listen to the music will hear my sad story. But what music! After two recordings of "Waltz Me Around Again, Willie", sung by Billy Murray and Joan Morris, I have the Overture and selections from THE RED MILL by Victor Herbert. Then I have a broadcast of THE RED MILL from a radio program from Sydney, Australia. reduced, but including many of the songs. Enjoy!
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8/23/20 MUSICAL THEATRE #262
Today I'm not in the audio-video- You Tube-Facebook  studio. I'm back in just the audio studio, and I'll be playing CD's from the wonderful collection of old songs, recorded back in the early 1900's, MUSIC FROM THE NEW  YORK STAGE, VOLUME ONE: 1890-1908.  These are songs that for one reason or another I missed the first time or I'm playing them again because I like the songs. So  this is a catch-all, a sort of grab bag of early songs on scratchy records.   I loe the old songs and the old vocalists, the music and the lyrics, although many times the words are not easy to understand.  So ENJOY what you can.  Next week back to audio-visual, I hope.
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8/16/20 MUSICAL THEATRE # 261
Today I'll feature Bert Williams' ABYSSINIA with him singing three songs: "Nobody", "Here It Comes Again" and "Let It Alone". I'll also several songs from a revival of "The Prince of Pilsen", including a 1906 medley of songs by the Victor Light Opera Company. I'll also play a recording of Jean Schwartz's delightful "An Automobile Honeymoon" from THE HAM TREE, sun g by Harry Talley. Enjoy!
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8/9/20 MUSICAL THEATRE # 260
This is my second show with a new format, so I'm learning how to use quite different machines and such, with all sorts of buttons.  The incredible benefit of this new format is that, thanks to You Tube, I am able to show the wonderful photos and videos that accompany the music that I play for you.  I had a very difficult time today with the machinery; you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  But I'll master this, hopefully next week.  So if you like to watch old photos and videos, give it a chance.   This week I'm able to examine two George Cohan shows: 45 MINUTES FROM BROAD-WAY and GEORGE WASHINGTON, JR.  "You're a Grand Old Flag", "I Was Born in Virginia", "So Lon, Mary" and "45 Minutes From Broadway" are among the songs you'll hear. Enjoy
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