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11/4/14 the election day/ veterans day/ thanksgiving day episode - part 2 - show number 41
"WE interrupt your regular scheduled way of living for a show dedicated to the elections, and to the veterans--thank you vets for serving and protecting us. and a brief tribute to thanksgiving". with music from BUFFALO/Western New York MUSICIANS--such as: WILLIE NILE, BRIAN McKNIGHT, MARK FREELAND, STACY CLARK, JOSEPH MULHOLLEN("slowly i turn, step by step, inch by inch"),TOM STAHL & THE DANGERFIELDS("i tell you i don't get no respect"), PLASTER SANDALS, MARVELOUS SAUCE("you rook, and sound, and taste mahvelous"), and to honor the veterans, a song by THE DOOLEYS. and some other comments about our favorite enemies of buffalo- kanada also listen to ALL of my shows. happy thanksgiving. click on the numbers to the left to start my shows on that link. again, happy thanksgiving/veterans day/election day(wait, what am i thinking?!!!!!!?!????
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10/7/14 the halloween/trick-or-treat episode-with apologies to our sponsor, who does NOT support/endorse this type of show(sorry about that, boss)-- show no. 40
welcome--we have been expecting you(eeeee!!!!!!!)-- i hope you got your treats because here is some treats-BUFFALO style--after wasting some precious time talking about kanada (HOW LONG, LORD, HOW LONG!?!?!!?)- i'll spend the rest of the show with music from BUFFALO/Western New York musicians, such as: THE DOOLEYS( 2 SONGS), JARVIS("yes, master tony stark"), EDN, JOHN & MARY, DAVID KANE'S THEM JAZZBEARDS, MARK FREELAND, THE GOOD("yes, master, THE GOOD IS GOOODDDD"), and THE TINS ("alright, what do you think you're doing, playing hippity-hop at the barbershop?") --and to remind you to check out wbny 91.3fm and, also, and my cable access tv show on cable channel 20 on tuesday nights at midnight and thursday nights/friday morning at 1AM. enjoy halloween ("i do believe in spooks, i do believe in spooks, i do, i do, i do")("what did you expect from kanada, welcome, make yourself at home, marry my daughter, kanada knows what buffalo is---you know--morons")
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9/2/14 NOT the post-labor day/music is art show--BUT---THE WRATH OF SPARKY!!!!
ARF! ARF! ARF!! ARF!!!! with guest host---TOM TOMORROW--yesterday, dudes---show no. 39 was hoping to do a show about labor day and the BUFFALO MUSIC IS ART FESTIVAL- coming up saturday, september 13,2014----BUT----kanada keeps trying to steal attention away from BUFFALO and the U.S.A. and try to make everybody focus on their evil kuntry. a lot of comments about the BRAINWASHING TACTICS kanada uses OVER AND OVER -but i did manage to explain with music from BUFFALO/W.N.Y MUSICIANS such as THE DOOLEYS, SCOTT CELANI, RICK SMITH, MARK FREELAND, a small tribute to the late robin williams with a song by ANIMAL PLANET, and reminding everyone in america where they are from with a song by THE JAZZABELS, and, hopefully, finishing it off with one more song by THE DOOLEYS, letting everyone, AND kanada, know who they're dealing with. kanada-those buffalo killers
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8/5/14 the summerslam edition/episode--show no. 38
Totally "tubular, dudes and dudettes- a TRUE BUFFALO SUMMER SHOW with music from the TRUE BOYS AND GIRLS OF SUMMER -- THE BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS such as: THE DOOLEYS, THE ENEMIES, THE JETSONS,(JETSOOONNN!!! all right mr. spacely), cute, adorable, SCATTERED FLURRIES, (heeeyyyy, scattered flurries, babeeeeee), SHAKU SPIRIT, OUTER CIRCLE ORCHESTRA, THE QUAKES, MARIA SEBASTIAN, MARK FREELAND, RAVEN,( THANKS TO ROBB NESBITT FOR THE RAVEN SONG), AND A BRIEF SONG FROM TREASURE, to show everyone around the world that BUFFALO has more to offer than snow, blizzards, losing "buffalo" sports teams, and so-called "buffalo" radio stations who practice kanadian values of racism, prejudice, bigotry, discrimination, and other practices too numerous to go into right now--- gnarly, dudes and dudettes.
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7/15/14 the post-holiday/4th of july/environment/infringement festival episode--show no.37
a post-holiday episode dealing with the enemies of buffalo, and also talking about the infringement festival, coming up on july 24th-for more info go to a brief message about "fracking"-"frak-frak-frak-frak"--"frakin'-a man"-frak-u!!!!"(sorry, not for the kiddies)-along with music from BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS such as--THE DOOLEYS (who will dominate this show), ANTHRACITE(oh, no!! it's anthracite, eeeeeehhhh!!!!!!) , PAMELA E. SWARTS, MELLO, MELLO, GREEN(oh, wowsie!!!),MARK FREELAND, GLENN COLTON, KAMA SUTRA(alright everyone, ASSUME THE POSITION!!!), and another tribute to THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR.--SAVE THIS FOR FUTURE 4TH OF JULY'S!!!!!!--LISTEN!!! DOWNLOAD!!! SAVE!!!!! AND LISTEN SOME MORE--AND REMEMBER THEM!!!
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6/10/14 the post-birthday/memorial/father's day episode
a loose attempt to honor my birthday, my brother and sisters' birthdays, my natural father, and all fathers, my mother, the ULTIMATE WARRIOR, Pete Perrone, the former owner of the now-closed mohawk place, with music from BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS, such as ROUND 4("ding-ding-ding-ding"--every time i hear the bell, i get punchy") EDEN, MARK FREELAND, after a few things about monkeys, MONKEY WRENCH, a song from the ULTIMATE WARRIOR, and then from BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS, HASTINGS, and TOM STAHL("i tell ya, i don't get no respect"), and in the background, PAM SWARTS. so, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY-- YOU MUDDAS!!!! and info about concerts coming up during the summer. enjoy. and PLEASE---LISTEN, DOWNLOAD, AND SAVE THESE SHOWS--i'm 60 years old and i don't know how much longer i will be able to do these shows. consider this a special birthday present for me. thanks. and again--enjoy.
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5/13/14 The ULLLLTIMATE Memorial episode
Part 2 of the ULTIMATE WARRIOR tribute--A memorial episode dedicated to not only my mother, who passed away on may 8, 2008, the same day i moved into my apartment, but also, in another piece of ULTIMATE IRONY, when i did my April 8, 2014 show, to honor the ULTIMATE WARRIOR, i found out that the warrior had passed away within MINUTES of me finishing my ULTIMATE WARRIOR TRIBUTE. so, to honor all of these, as well as others, i will play music from not only THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR, but also BUFFALO/W.N.Y. Musicians, such as TANYA DIONA, NATALIE MERCHANT, 53 DAYS, DR. SMITH, and MARK FREELAND. and also from my brother, DONALD JEZEWSKI--and also to finish this show off right, a song from the girl group from england,-- the Spice Girls.--to the ULTIMATE WARRIOR--Farewell--may your next journey be a pleasant one as you go into those "parts unknown"--where those places will soon be known to all. R.I.P. ULTIMATE WARRIOR
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4/8/14 the ULLLTIMATE episode!!!!!!!!
4/8/2014 a tribute to my favorite wrestler--the ULTIMATE WARRIOR-he has been a major inspiration in my life --- along with the tribute is music from BUFFALO/W.N.Y. musicians--such as SOUTHPAW, KLEAR, LARGE, CRUNCHY FROG( also known as crunchy 'ze frog and it's frog legs), TOM STAHL, with his hitler inspired satan song, WILLIE NILE, MARK FREELAND, AND THE PINE DOGS. I HOPE this will be an ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE FOR EVERYONE---ENJOY--this is the ULTIMATE BUFFALO FAN - DJ BRASS KNUCKLES
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3/4/14 the "roaring like a lion" spring edition episode
playing music from BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS that i 1st played on my very 1st cable access tv show which can be seen on cable access channel 20 on tuesday night/wednesday morning at midnight and again on thursday night/friday morning at 1 AM. MUSICIANS SUCH AS GUMSHOE(just one more thing), THE NEED, MARK FREELAND, THE GOO GOO DOLLS, PINE DOGS, GOD'S CHILDREN, JIVE INJECTION, THE PINHEADS, AND THE WRENCH (also known as THE MONKEY WRENCH)--bringing spring in like a lion-enjoy!!
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2/4/14 the positive affirmation/memorial episode
like the title says--a positive affirmation show as well as a memorial to my late mother whose birthday was in february- with music from musicians from the BUFFALO/W.N.Y. area--such as BORDELLO BEAT, CATHY CARFAGNA (from the group THE JAZZABELS), ("you rook/sound/taste mah-ve-lous)MARVELOUS SAUCE, SEVEN DAY FAITH, ELK, SPAWN(out of the darkness spawn rises to KICK BUTT-POW!WHAM!BAM!-this hurts you more than it does me--ooh, i'm all tormented"), also TANYA DIONA, MARK FREELAND, MARK FREELAND (again), and to honor my late mother, as well as all mothers alive and not so-a song from a not-from-buffalo group---THE SPICE GIRLS--ENJOY!!
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1/14/14 cla-a--a-ss-cla-a-ass--cla-a-a-ssss is now in session in the 1st show of 2014
cla-a-a-sss, cla-a-a-sss, cla-a-a-a-a-ssss--SHUT UUUUUPPPPP!!!!!! WAKE UUUUPPPPP!!!! time for a lesson in the facts of life in buffalo--with some musical help from my "tutors"--namely--BRIAN MCKNIGHT, MR. BIG(with BILLY SHEEHAN from the BUFFALO band of the 70's-TALAS), McCARTHYIZM, THE GOO GOO DOLLS, McCARTHYIZM(again), MARK FREELAND, and ANOTHER FAMOUS BUFFALO BAND from the 60's-70's--RAVEN, and one more song from THE GOO GOO DOLLS, and also some wisdom from yours truly--dj brass "da teacha" knuckles with my 31st show on january 14, 2014--and remember class--'"bullwinkle is a --
not that one--"dj brass knuckles is a -- NOT THAT ONE --this one-------
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11/5/13 "Dat Udder Holiday/Memorial Episode
"All right youse mugs, dis is rocky talking to ya - i wants ya to enjoy dis music from dat udder BUFFALO/W.N.Y. Christmas cd as well music by udder BUFFALO/W.N.Y. Musicians such as MARK FREELAND, as well as the BUFFALO W.N.Y. Musicians from de udder Christmas cd, which includes GIRLPOPE, HONKY TONK AVENUE, LINDA LOU SCHRIVER, LYN CALA, LYNN CAROL SCHRIVER, and MICHAEL OLIVER & GO DOG GO, and this will also honor at least 3 BUFFALO/W.N.Y Musicians, which includes EMILE LATIMER, who passed away on october 23, 2013, and also DONNA(NOA) BURSIE, who passed away on october 12, 2013, along with MARK FREELAND, and some honorable mention to BARBARA ST. CLAIR, who recently passed away in october 2013. Also, since this is election day and with Veterans Day coming up all i gots to say is--SALUTE THE VETERANS - AND - I HOPE YOU VOTED WITH YOUR CONSCIENCE, YOU CHICKEN-DROPPING', LAME-BUTT MOTHER!@!@!!@@!@!@@!@@@s( sorry about that chief)--and hast yourselves a happy holidays--or i'll comes over and hast to roughs ya up (just kidding!!) HAPPY HOLIDAYS YOUSE GUYS!!!
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9/3/13 labor day, episode/edition-- no.2--also known as "what drives YOUR life?"
another labor day episode/edition bringing up words from our sponsor, as well as the BUFFALO MUSIC IS ART FESTIVAL, LIVE AT LARKIN, TIM KENNEDY, and tying it all in with music from BUFFALO/Western New York MUSICIANS, such as: SCOTT CARPENTER & THE REAL McCOYS, MARK FREELAND, THE CHESHIRE CAT, ORIGINAL-AL-AL SKIN--N-N-N (ORIGINAL SKIN), ALISON PIPITONE, and TOM STAHL. as well as a song not from buffalo, to help encourage TIM KENNEDY, who should STILL BE PLAYING FOR THE sabres. YES SIR, I GOT ME SOME LOLIPOPS AND BUTT-KICKINGS FOR THE ENEMIES OF BUFFALO----AND I'M FRESH OUT OF LOLIPOPS!!!--so GUESS WHAT THE enemies of buffalo ARE GETTIN'!?!?!?!??!--a little "present" for labor day!!--their labors are JUST BEGINNING!!!
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7/2/13 another 4th of july show
mostly a lot of talking (trying to make up for not doing a may show) with music from BUFFALO/W.N.Y musicians(only a couple this time) like MARK FREELAND and VISIONSTAIN(ewwwww!!!!), also giving a shout out to PATRICK KANE FOR HELPING WIN THE STANLEY CUP AGAIN. mostly i'm sending a message to everyone that I NEED TO FIND A PLACE TO LIVE NEAR BUFFALO STATE COLLEGE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! IF ANYONE HAS A PLACE OR KNOWS SOMEONE WHO OWNS SOME PLACE NEAR BUFFALO STATE, NOW IS THE TIME TO LET ME KNOW PLEASE. i REALLY don't have too much time left to find a place near buffalo state. if i can't find a place i may not be here too much longer. (no pressure, right?) i tried to get a few points across, such as the elmwood avenue festival of the arts, the BUFFALO MUSIC IS ART FESTIVAL, the m&t plaza concert series, and the bidwell parkway concert series, all of which contains music and talent from BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS.
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3/5/13 "what we have and we don't want to lose"
trying to talk on behalf of the central terminal, but talking about other things as well, while using music from BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS such as MARK FREELAND, THE DOOLEYS, BOBO (hey, it's "battlin' bobo"), 10,000 MANIACS, LINDSEY AND JACK TOFT, ("if you don't come over, i'll sit at the internet all day, and all night"), another song by THE DOOLEYS, and also a song by JAMIE NOTARTHOMAS, from syracuse, to help explain these things. in the background, you'll hear a few strains from another BUFFALO MUSIC GROUP, PURNIMA. as well as some words from "our sponsor". thanks for over 2200 hits for my show, i DO hope you are LISTENING TO MY SHOWS AND NOT JUST GIVING MY SOME "support clicks" . i appreciate the support, but i'm REALLY HOPING that you will LISTEN TO MY SHOWS. this is NOT some idle gossip, there ARE a LOT OF FACTS BEHIND WHAT I DO AND SAY. to whom it may concern: ignore these at your peril. (you know who you are) PLEASE ENJOY.
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1/2/13 "good evening---friends!!!"--this is the 2013 new year's edition. also known as the "game show" edition.
welcome to the 1st something different in buffalo show of 2013 with dj brass "game prize" knuckles giving you some music from BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS, such as MARK FREELAND, PINE DOGS, INSPECTOR 71 ("go ahead, punk, make my day"), 53 DAYS, a BUFFALO band from the 1970's that moldies 104 and 97 kroc-o-krap WONT PLAY, and that is TALAS, with bassist BILLY SHEEHAN, and DANNY-LYNN WILSON BAND, and STARTING and FINISHING WITH DAVID KANE'S THEM JAZZBEARDS, with the BREAK SONG.-P-- i'm covering issues again like the so-called "buffalo' radio stations, the so-called "peace bridge", ( otherwise known as "I'M THE SIGNATURE BRIDGE TAG-TEAM CHAMPION--NO! I'M THE peace bridge tag-team champion---YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!---NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!!!) ALSO--THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HIT ON MY LINK OVER 2000 TIMES--INCLUDING ALMOST 2600 TIMES IN OCTOBER SO THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE AND KEEP THE HITS A-COMIN''!!!!!!
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9/4/12 "Can't get enough of them sugar bumps, sugar bumps, sugar bumps--can't get enough of them sugar bumps, they keep me going strong" -- post labor day show.
A LOT of talking to start with - mostly from our "sponsor", about the MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE, with songs from MARK FREELAND, RAVEN, to honor the passing of RAVEN musician JOHN C. WEITZ, a song from former RISING SONS member TONY GALLA, and, finishing it off with a song from TOM STAHL before he made the Dangerfields ( "that's the story of my life, no respect") --this material will give my show some "teeth"-- also, talking about the BUFFALO Music Is Art festival, and other fun stuff. -- "can't get enough of them sugar bumps, sugar bumps, sugar bumps-can't get enough of them sugar bumps, they keep me going strong"--also have some background BUFFALO music from DAVID KANE'S THEM JAZZBEARDS.
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7/3/12 "Firecracker, firecracker, sis-boom-bah--brass knuckles, brass knuckles, rah-rah-rah!!!"
A 4th of July show on the 3rd--a partial holiday episode featuring music from BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS such as THE NEED, MARK FREELAND, THE ENEMIES, JOE PUBLIC, a BUFFALO BAND FROM THE 1960'S - RAVEN, sweet, lovable OULD POUND ("old!!?! i'll give you old!!!--HI-YAHHH!! oh, my rheumatism-don't say old to an old person, don't say enema to an old person!!!!), and to send the 4th off on a grand note, one final song from THE DOOLEYS--i'll also bring up old enemies like the public bridge authority, kanada, ron anus, the allentown PHONY art festival, the so-called "buffalo" sports teams, the so-called "buffalo" radio stations( WHICH ALL OF THIS BUFFALO MUSIC CAN BE PLAYED ON)--this program is MORE BUFFALO THAN THESE SO-CALLED "buffalo" radio stations/sports teams/activities--SO THERE!!!!!!!
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5/1/12 "love-is-in-the-air"- with dj brass "smootchie- koochie" knuckles
do-do-do-do-do--"love-is-in-the-air"--WHEW!!-whoa!!-back up there smoochie! light a match!!- a "love-in" episode from dj brass "smootchie-koochie" knuckles---with a touch of positive affirmation as well as a memorial to my late mother courtesy of my brother in georgia, who sang a song at my mother's funeral. with plenty of music from BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS such as: KINSMAN-CAGE, GRETCHEN SCHULZ, THE LATE MARK FREELAND, TANYA DIONA, and some positive affirmation from ANSLEY COURT, PAT O'CONNELL, STRAIGHT FORWARD, the tribute song to my late mother from my brother DONALD JEZEWSKI, and a short but sweet song from THE GIFTED CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL GUEST PAMELA E. SWARTS.CHECK OUT ALSO my cable access tv show by the same name (something different in buffalo, tuesday nights 12 midnight, cable channel 20) "peace and long life" "kissy-kissy". enjoy.
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3/6/12 "Springtime-for-hitler-in-buffalo"---occupy buffalo episode, part 2
ah, it's springtime--time for all the little birdies (all the little birdies, ah-ga-ga-ga-ga) -to help you understand this better, the songs by BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS should shed some strong light on this issue. like BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS such as THE JAZZABELS, 2 repeat songs from JAMIE NOTARTHOMAS, AND JOHN & MARY, EDEN, THE HEADHUNTERS ("they smile in yo' face, all the time they wanna take yo' place, the headhunters, the headhunters"), THE STEAM DONKEYS, ALISON PIPITONE, LARGE, MARK FREELAND, AND a partial but powerful song from KLEAR.
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HELL FREEZES OVER- OR OCCUPY BUFFALO TAKES OVER-MAKE SURE YOU WINTERIZE YOUR PIPES. This show will be dedicated for the most part to the occupy buffalo organization-in it will be songs from BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS to help explain it better. musicians such as MY "prairie chicken" SCARY CHICKEN, THE RUBY-"dooby-dooby" WATTS, THE WRENCH, WOODY (nothing like getting a "woody" heh-heh-ha-ha-ha", MARK FREELAND, JAMIE NOTARTHOMAS, JOHN & MARY, MARIA SEBASTIAN, AND, making the leap from the old year to the new, we bring you THE QUAKES. MAKE COPIES OF THESE SHOWS-- YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN - THIS WEBSITE WONT BE AROUND FOREVER AND NEITHER WILL I -- SO DOWNLOAD THEM NOW SO YOU WILL HAVE THEM FOR FUTURE REFERENCES. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU'LL NEED THEM.
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11-1-11 the "triple-threat" episode- it can be called the "election day" episode- or the "don't take anything for granted" episode- or it can be called the "music by BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS for people involved in voting" episode
after a few words from "our sponsor", i'll be playing music by BUFFALO/W.N.Y. MUSICIANS which will deal with people who are involved in the voting process. to help explain this, i'll play songs by THE LISA ZELAZNY BAND, THE STEAM DONKEYS, FITZHUGH & THE FANATICS, GOD'S CHILDREN, CHESTERFIELD( duh, gee chesterfield, what's that all about?) MARK FREELAND, THE TAILS, ORIGINAL SKIN, THE JULIET DAGGER, and MARVELOUS SAUCE. also, i'll deal with some apologies, but mostly this will be about people involved in voting. this is not a trick statement, just something everyone can think about. also, happy veterans day, and happy holidays. i LOVE YOU MOM, and MY BROTHERS AND SISTER AND THEIR FAMILIES.
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