Various Artists: Phone Poems 3 AM

It is late at night. Someone is sitting up in bed typing away furiously on their laptop. Finally, the poem is finished. They look at it with pride. There is no way they are going to get to sleep unless they phone the Think Twice Radio poetry line (716-823-1750) and leave a voicemail so it can be heard by the world.
Playing the Part by Jim Lesinski
As if a war with his body, he rolled out of bed, breath fast, teeth clenched, eyes like strobe lights gone dead. He staggered to the fridge, taking a fall from doing too much dope and alcohol. He wolfed down his dinner, poured down some perk and took a ride over to the East Side, where despair, dope, lack of hope, crack pipes stoke up, smoke rises like like so many burnt up dreams, leaving a residue of lives lived out in dives, where the hopeless cling and sing a song of despair, dead to feeling, once alive, now rare. Where children cry out for food and love ,only to be used and abused as mom stands over the the stove cookin' up dope while her old man is out making money for there next high by selling bad dope to some suburban guy, who later says ''I'll kill him and his whore '' as he drives back in to find more. He cruises into the city hoping the talk is true about there being a new dope house over on Fillmore ave, he turns the corner then flashes a smile at the sister who says, "Hey Mister , I can help you forget all your problems" He looked away, then pulled over down the street and sat waiting nervously in line for his turn to cop a few bags at a house looking like a fast food take out joint. He waits until the slowly moving patrol car clears the street, then a man appears and says '' i''ll bring you back your dope ,mon give me your money". He knew the house was run by a jamaican crew so he gave it up, then watched as the man ran down the sidewalk toward the door into the darkness to be seen no more. Now upset, he went into the dark hall and tried to pass his money through the hole in the door, but was told to go away, they don't serve whites at that house. Not caring if they're armed inside, he hollered out , ''what ,are you prejudiced man I'm no cop'' the dude inside shouted back ''OK mon, pass your money thru and get out of here. He then accepted the bags, while looking around in fear. He left, feeling apprehensive yet, happy to have found a new connection where killer dope was now available to him 24 hrs a day. He leaves thinking ''yea'' that's cool''as he he heads back home, still playing the part of a '' fool''.
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Resurrection Fern by Joel Lesses
Oak tied Knot, plastic Infant arm Around, needle Mother shot Into God, Too much Too long. Ascension into Realms meant For death, and Not this Body.  In those other Pastures, God Spoke, too long, Too, Truths, and Dimensions unseen By the eye, and Of sorrow Immeasurable.  Traveling between Realms (called Death or life) All are only One road, Leading me Back home.  Heavens guard Is sent Without Prejudice Eventually
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3/20/17 Sights Unseen by Nathanael William Stolte
The fog is too dense To see coyote But I can feel him close Coyote can speak every Language Even the language of Stone and jellyfish Coyote can shape-change And likes creation So Coyote could be next to you right now And you’ve no way of knowing Till it’s too late Coyote deals in confusion andTells the truth with a diamond tongue Sharp and precise Coyote has a hard-on For misdirection Coyote tells you what you want to hear And never lies So I’m pushing west to Buffalo On I-90 from Rochester with Panoptic hope in my rearview sights unseen The fog too thick To see if I’ve fallen in Love with another ghost Coyote knows how To break the curse I’ve cast on myself Problem is—I have nothing Coyote wants So I’ve nothing to barter I know it could be Different but Coyote’s Heard it all before Coyote laps up Deliberate misfortune Like milk or blood Coyote only deals in Blood, omens, and magic But blood is cheap
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1/29/17 Milk by Jim Pray
Raw cow's milkor pasteurized cow's milk or soy milk, what shall I drink ? Oh the decisions of life ! I was taught that I am supposed to know myself and be true to myself, but, that is easier said than done. There is supposed to be a reason for everything. My sister has cancer, What is the reason for this ? Thoreau says, "Simplify, Simplify." How am I supposed to simplify when the culture and a lot of people are trying to complicate my life ? All I can do is to keep plugging away at these challenges moment by moment !

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1/26/18 Gospel Oak by Joel Lesses
knotted oak
black gnarled barren
death whistling through
autumns left behind
one river through
one mountain
tells time
counts suffering
these watch gears
river and mountain
beat from one
moon heart
moon heart
my beaten moon
my beaten
can’t find my own
to cook in
can’t crack the egg
or fry and feed it
to the hungry ghosts.
sings a robin
can’t find the river branch
she sits on
just crows overhead
track the footprints
i left backing away from
my river-child.
sitting on the moon
i see the river
clear as the slow horizon curve
into music
troubles lost
no river
to find
no good
no evil.
back down
the moon mountain
i tear bread from
the heart
feed each
dove i greet
old oak
spring eternal
blossoms green
candy and sweets
whistles the
autumn song.
mountain trail
climb slowly
sun and moon are one.
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1/6/17 Expletive Deleted by James Andrews

The clock will tic,
We will wonder,
What have we done,
Have we won?
Will the new Trumpwellion world be hurled into the Abiss
where  we buy tinfoil hats
sold by fat cats
promising  protection
from the election
of the billionaire class,
That have been waiting to shove it
right up
our expletive deleted 
because democracy
has been defeated!
Has the corporate  world won?
Should i buy a gun? 
to protect my
expletive deleted
or should i get a job fracking gas
while they stick our ecology right up our
expletive deleted .
Either way
I have the feeling
we are about to pay to play
in the new Trumpwellion world.
So to to some it up:
Those of you that voted for the
corporate coup
and the orange hair liar, 
You will soon  know why
the world is on Fire.
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1/7/17 A Real Person by James Andrews
Thanks for considering me a real person,
lately I have seen myself my as a fictional character
living in someone else's fantasy,
lately I have been questioning my reason for being on this planet.
Is it just end time curiosity?
Wondering if I fulfilled my destiny
in some way
that will satisfy the creator of me
preordained to satisfy his will
and yet live in a sin filled environment
with all it's zigs and zags
meant to ensnare us
like a rabid animal
and send us
to eternal damnation ,
all because 
we don't know how
to achieve perfect purity
in a dirty world.
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