The Nickel City Poetry Slam

Poets compete in verbal battles for one of the four spots on Buffalos's own Poetry Slam Team and a chance to be sent to the National Poetry Slam in Madison, Wisconsin.
5/2/08: Click here for photos of the event by Rose Salley, visit her website

1) Opening poem and comments by Gabrielle Boullianne
2) Carlos Andres Gomez
3) MC Vendetta
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4) Nikki Germany
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5) Lazarus
6) Marina Blitshteyn
7) Lovely
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8) Sonchild
9) Ten Thousand (walked away from microphone)
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10) Jennifer Elinge

11) Jennifer Elinge
12) Ten Thousand (walked away from microphone)
13) Sonchild
14) Lovely
15) Marina Blitshteyn
16) Lazarus
17) Nikki Germany
18) MC Vendetta

19) Nikki Germany
20) Jennifer Elinge
21) Lovely
22) Ten Thousand (walked away from microphone)