Kenny Morgann and J. Tim Raymond: Big Noise From Buffalo
Listen, learn and discern and drink art in at 90 proof. It’s not so much what people teach you… it’s what you find out.
11/5/18 Interview with Tim Kujawski
Analog photographer Tim Kujawski with host Monaca Morgan and old man Ken discussing analog and the future of photographs and digital photography
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10/17/18 Kenny Morgan interviews John Farallo and Matthew Austin
Kenny Morgan Interviews  Host of the new Podcast Small Talk Big Thoughts meet new host Mathew Austin and Mr Anserman John Farallo. Topics discussed: Folk Dancing and Folk Songs, the art of living in and having a van, Polish culture (babcias), and old movies.
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9/19/18 The Shutter clicks... the future
Sat with Cinematographer Stephen Graham and Fashion photographer Kajuan Lyons Sr. We talked about their experiences behind the camera and behind the scenes, and their insights into professional challenges. If you have any interest in photography or cinematography for films, you should listen to this podcast. Engineered by the intrepid Richard Wicka.
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8/22/18 Kenny Morgan interviews Alison Kurek
Alison looks upon it as “a discussion of art, photography, bottle cap magnets, higher education, dark room chemicals and the challenges of presenting “succulent” foods in 1960s era black and white television commercials. As always, Kenn was a font of knowledge re: local art shows and happenings. We discussed upcoming exhibits at the Carnegie Art Center, the abundance of great local theater in the Buffalo area, the upcoming Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts and Annual Hot Dog Day at Locust Street Art. Somehow the conversation always made it’s way back to photography and — ahem — the 20,000 bottle cap magnets that I made over the past several years. Tune in for a jovial, if sometimes meandering, conversation about life, original art, and a truly blessed Buffalo Art scene.”
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7/18/18 Show number 8
Kenn and I took a measured pull of fake Irish whiskey and introduced our  “Poddies” to “the works of James Joyce, the famous early 20th Century Irish writer...our guests in that regard were Tim Joyce and Father Jim Pribek, both long time Joyceans, aided in part by the essential companion volume on Joyce’s work “Ulysses”, by Steward Gilbert. We strolled along with Leo Bloom tracing his meandering day through Dublin on June  16th, 1904... long celebrated internationally annually by “BloomsDay”, where like -folks get together and read passages from Joyce’s best known work Ulysses. Of course we took side trips to discuss the treatment of Ireland in John Ford films and how Joyce’s book went on trial for pornography delaying it’s publishing in the USA...our fake whiskey did it’s work and we came away with every intention to revisit the subject, one of the five greatest novels in English (not UK), literature.
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6/28/18 show number 7
John Farallo is a computer/painter artist of carnival  exuberance with a satiric bravura. His stock female character are illustrated in every kind of skimpy get-up and often straddling Hindu deities. The blondettes are unfailing up-beat, athletic...bright-eyed like a cadre of cheerleaders chasing dictators and the public scoundrels of our times. Pat’s work is process painting in acrylic and collaged materials made up of series of lines and spaces in gauzy overlays poetic and open-ended like a zen koan only limited by the edges of the rectangle. We traced Pat’s journey from NT to SF to NYC and out to Co to return finally to WNY..comprising residencies in the post-pop era of the 70s-80s-90s. Our conversation veered from art to issues of municipal infrastructure; pot holes and street side trash...John opined possible alien life forms masked as CIA/ sanitation workers. Kenn provided sound effects for intermission...we returned to discuss the  “Banksy” show in Toronto compared to Keith Haring’s influence on public art over thirty years ago.
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6/20/18 Big Noise Roger Show
The Venerable Ken Morgan interviews Roger Scott, Animator, Toy Designer, with the aid of our intreped engineer Richard Wicka. A wide ranging discussion of ancient technologies, electronic nirvana and future angst.
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5/23/18 Our 5th “Big Noise Show”
Ken and I welcomed seasoned television, video and film production technician, Carol Curvin. Born in Buffalo, she, like many itinerant creative types, soon made her way to California beginning her media career in 1998. Ken and I sat fascinated as Carol recounted her steadfast determination to become proficient in the multitude of skill sets needed to put on a professional event in Hollywood. Over the course of 20 + years her work in TV covered live events of many iconic productions; including the Oscars, The Emmys the Golden Globes, all the Red Carpet award shows-and various movie premieres. For many years she worked for ESPN as all around technician for cable sports and media news  and features programs. Returning to Buffalo over 2 years ago, Carol continues to work free lance most recently on the feature release,  “Clover” filmed all over Buffalo. She is currently the mainstay tech support and producer of the independent digital movie”Memories of the Future”, soon to be submitted to the Toronto Film Festival. Carol’s infectious willingness to go the extra distance makes her a sought after professional and a valued asset to the ever growing WNY film arts community. Her affirmative production wrap tag line,  “ good job everyone” says it all.
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4/28/18 show no. 5
with Kenn’s sound effects machine at the ready, we kicked the rear end of Poetry Month for a goal with two of the Niagara region’s most engaging poets, Ryki Zuckerman and George Grace. Ryki’s work is by turns, personal, observational and accessibly humorous , wide ranging in subject matter and often drawing on family life. George’s poetry tends to strongly worded indictments focusing on social and topical issues twisting his prose with irony and a fierce wit. Both poets have long histories in the cultural life of Buffalo; Ryki’s “Word Flight” series and George’s writing group, now going on ten years have given proven opportunities to expressive voices young and not so. We batted back and forth in badinage quickly running out an hour of open-ended curiosity about how poetry serves personal expression in voices young and not so.
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3/21/18 Meria Cairnes
In Studio A with our guest, Meria Cairnes, a musician,video artist who after years of itinerant creative journeys from coast to coast, has found her voice on U-tube. Back in Buffalo she has kept up her association with Grrrslwithguitars and through her travels brings an outspoken voice to ever abiding issues of the homeless. We widened our conversation comparing the bathroom facilities of the many countries she’s visited which in no time led back to the removal of porta-potties in areas where homeless people camp to discourage their further occupancy. A welcome musical interlude made use of Meria’s skill on the Spanish guitar. I joined her on harmonica in a Blues jam as we sipped gin from little film canisters. Meria played us out as our program ended with Mason William’s ,”Classical Gas”...Meria will return soon with a Richard Wicka on-line pod cast production.
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2/21/18 Jeannine Swallow and Amanda Jane "Pantz" Witkowski
So eager to bring their voices to the mic, our guests, Jeannine Swallow and Amanda Jane "Pantz" Witkowski beat us to the studio! Kenn was in fine spirits owing to having teeth again and we drank a toast to his gleaming grill. Both women are well known area artists with different practices in photography; Jeannine is widely travelled and peripatetically the definition of a free spirit...her film photos in double exposures work create overlays of dreamlike images. Amanda Jane is an artist of candid expression and classical form...also experimental in installations such as her proposed walk-in “camera obscura”, for this summer Infringement Festival. Our guests are long-time friends and kept up lively recollections of their past adventures together. It was pretty much Kenn’s show as the three photographers discussed the fine point distinctions between digital and film cameras and the sacred realm of the dark room. The evening’s talk occasionally turned to the challenges faced by contemporary artists dealing with the increasingly limited visual attention span of the viewing public and the exhibition default setting of galleries and museums to show work of novelty and sensation. The traditional group photo, to some, may appear to be-lie the resolutely professional disposition of the Big Noise Show.
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1/31/18 Big Noise Show no. 3
Featuring guest Chris McGee, artist and media entrepreneur. Chris has his own gallery in Clarence, listed at 10931 Main well as being a long time Co-Op member of Queen City Gallery in the Market Arcade, and more recently the Main Street Gallery 515 Main St. in Buffalo. Conversation ran a pretty fluid stream from Chris’s early life in Jamestown drawing images off TV cartoon shows to his years in NYC at School of Visual Arts where one of his instructors was the brilliant Harvey Kurtzman , of “Help” comics, “Tales From the Crypt”, and Playboy’s “Little Annie Fanny”, who with William Gaines created “Mad Magazine”...we discussed both his and R. crumb’s influence on contemporary gallery and street art. Along with Chris was fellow artist John Farallo who provided sidereal commentary on the present issues of “diversity” in figurative art, the difficulties of mass marketing , copyright and plagiarism. Kenn cued up “They Might Be Giants”...”Particle Man” to play during intermission and we followed with an ad hoc counter indicative discussion of ‘30-‘40s actress Heady Lamar’s instrumental contribution to the WWII war effort namely the Norden Bombsight, through her off stage studies of frequency modulation the basis of modern cell phone technology.  All agreed interviewing visual artists is problematic on radio, so in future we will provide links to artist’s  websites during the interviews so listeners may see the work we are talking about on their own devices.
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11/14/15 Dr. Jazz
When it comes to musical knowledge, Kay Kaiser had nothing on our guest this month, the well known musician about town, Dr Jazz. We opened with his clarinet as he served up a generous portion of a Gershwin classic served with a side order of Spike Jones, “Crapsody in Blue”. Kenn and I sat in rapt attention as the good Dr. recounted the history of woodwind instruments from 17th European chamber music traced back to the Roman Empire...we discussed the formative years of the singular American musical art form, from it’s roots in the port city of New Orleans thru the music’s continental drift north to Kansas City and Chicago...the migration that brought the compositions of WC Handy, Scott Joplin and Louis Armstrong to ears of millions in the early 20th Century...from our own archive of 78s we spun the musical charms of Cab Calloway and in a nod to Veterans Day played a tune by “Whispering Smith”, so called because his voice was permanently injured in a gas attack in WWl.
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