Kenny Morgann and J. Tim Raymond: Big Noise From Buffalo
Listen, learn and discern and drink art in at 90 proof. It’s not so much what people teach you… it’s what you find out.
11/14/15 Dr. Jazz
When it comes to musical knowledge, Kay Kaiser had nothing on our guest this month, the well known musician about town, Dr Jazz. We opened with his clarinet as he served up a generous portion of a Gershwin classic served with a side order of Spike Jones, “Crapsody in Blue”. Kenn and I sat in rapt attention as the good Dr. recounted the history of woodwind instruments from 17th European chamber music traced back to the Roman Empire...we discussed the formative years of the singular American musical art form, from it’s roots in the port city of New Orleans thru the music’s continental drift north to Kansas City and Chicago...the migration that brought the compositions of WC Handy, Scott Joplin and Louis Armstrong to ears of millions in the early 20th Century...from our own archive of 78s we spun the musical charms of Cab Calloway and in a nod to Veterans Day played a tune by “Whispering Smith”, so called because his voice was permanently injured in a gas attack in WWl.
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10/17/17 Show #2
Our second podcast was a smooth flow of bright relatively coherent un scripted conversation between the two co-hosts completely uninterrupted by the scheduled guest, Dr Jazz ...the program was centered around playing a few near 100 year old 78s which ideally would have brought out opportunities for the three of us but primarily our guest to respond speaking to his and Buffalo's long history as a jazz intensive destination and also play his clarinet. As it was we managed the show a la cart. Turns out the good doctor was on time but at 45 Stanley not Shanley St. We have confirmed the address to all parties and rebooked him for our next show, Nov, 14th.
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9/19/17 The Inaugural Show
Topics discussed:
- What is hoped to be accomplished by this show as it goes forward
- Tim talks about his childhood, the various places he lived and how his father's role in the military affected his life. Then, he spoke about the origins of his desire to create art and his Master of Fine Arts thesis project.
- Kenny wonders if Frank Lloyd Wright were alive today, would he be welcome to build in Buffalo
- Tim talks about all the various types of art he has been involved with, including his current role as a actor.
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