Monsters of Verse

The Monsters Of Verse is an experiment in live poetry. Founders JR Finlayson, Carrie Gardner & Tom Waters made an Algonquian attempt to remove the ego from the Buffalo Literary Stratosphere and create an ideal that's bigger than the sum of its parts...
2/15/09 Monsters Of Verse 13: Borders Books & Music in Orchard Park
Long time show biz friends Diane Meholick (Buffalo Stories, Painting Katherine) and Tom Waters schmooze their way through a Borders promotion by schlepping each other’s wares to unsuspecting Valentine’s Day book buyers and discussing the finer points of local and national folk music, among other things.
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2/15/09 Monsters Of Verse 12: Talking Leaves Elmwood
Poets Anne Foster and Josh Smith share a round table discussion with local novelist Diane Meholick and Tom Waters on a Sunday afternoon at Talking Leaves. For the first time in months, poems are recited for a pod cast show that was intended to have more readings than appearances. Irony!.
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2/15/09 Monsters Of Verse 11: ‘Tom’s Atomic Poetry Kegger Cliff-Hanger! (pt.I)’
After spending the afternoon at FYE Transit, Kyle Kaczmarzcak continues to expose himself to Tom’s insanity as they take their show down the road to Don’s Atomic Comics in Depew for a free beer promotion. In the spirit of cross-marketing, Part II can be found over on Tom’s pod cast site, Big Words I Know By Heart (also on Think Twice). Arrow over for the surprisingly violent conclusion!.
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2/15/09 Monsters of Verse 10 bonus round.
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2/15/09 Monsters Of Verse 10: FYE Transit
Local comic writer/artist Kyle Kaczmarzcak (The Red Eye, Pulp) attempts the unthinkable by promoting his work for eleven continuous hours with Tom beginning at FYE Transit. Poet JR Finlayson discusses the intensive therapy it took to recover from his ’08 press junket as a founding Monster Of Verse.
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1/20/09 Monsters Of Verse Episode 9: Dissertation
Poet emeritus and visiting professor JR 'Jebrey' Finlayson schools the Clarence High School Poetry Club regarding poetry, art, staying up until dawn, the joys and perils of having children, and his take on the future of the universe in just 20 minutes and change. .
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12/6/08 Monsters Of Verse Episode 8: Wonder Twin Power Activate at FYE Hamburg!
With no 3rd rotating Monster on deck, JR Finlayson and Tom Waters are left to fend for themselves on the front lines at FYE Hamburg with 10 pounds of ham, Susan Marie, The Dark Knight pre-launch hullaballoo and Finn's thousand dollar painting sales.
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11/30/08 Monsters Of Verse Episode VII: Collectible
JR Finlayson, Tom Waters & Rotating 3rd Guest Monster Brian Platter (Six Shot Studios) hunker down and discuss comics (surprise, surprise), Batman (big surprise) and Classical art along with modern art. John Kindelan (Buffalo News) and Terry Kimmel (comics aficianado) join in on the frivolity.
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11/22/08 Monsters Of Verse Episode 6: Organic Growth at FYE Transit
JR Finlayson, Tom Waters and 3rd guest Monster DJ Soma take on the publicity front lines at F.Y.E. on Transit & Wherle to promote their wares while they discuss poetry, passers-by, JR's status as the resident rock star in the evolving MOV collective and the birth and growth of techno and its various offshoots and tubers. With Carrie Gardner bowing out of the group for personal reasons, Finlayson and Waters implement their contingency plan for rotating Monsters candidates. DJ Soma rounds out the bill admirably .
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11/16/08 Monsters Of Verse Episode V: Bulls In A Booze Shop
JR Finlayson
, Carrie Gardner (a.k.a.: 'Terry Waters') & Tom Waters (aka: Tom Waters) stake out Tom's hometown advantage at Desiderio's on Broadway in Lancaster while Tom and the audience get falling-down loaded.
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11/12/08 Episode IV: Double Double-Coffee w/a Side Of Poetry
JR Finlayson, Carrie Gardner & Tom Waters woo college students, socialites & one crazy homeless guy at Spot Coffee on Chippewa St. .
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11/6/08 Episode III
JR Finlayson, Carrie Gardner & Tom Waters hop off their saddles at Talking Leaves Main near UB to fire some sawed-off genius on a live captive audience. Tom spaced on the scheduled time, so the fourth segment is a rapid fire 'round robin' for the benefit of the second round of attendees who showed up at the alternately scheduled time on the Monsters fliers.
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10/29/08 Episode II:
Professional Shadenfraudian and Poet Emeritus (from the Reagan Administration) Tom Waters teaches the kids at Clarence Central High School (his Alma Mater) what good verbiage is all about by reading selections from both Breathing Rooms ( and doing what he likes to call, 'the Q and the A'. (37:41)
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10/26/08: Inaugural
Poets Jeff Finlayson, Carrie Gardner and Tom Waters launch the Monsters Of Verse 2008-2009 Tour at the Center For Inquiry in Amherst, NY.
Jeff Finlayson (16:47)
Carrie Gardner (16:14)
Tom Waters (16:10)