Mike Mainier presents "The Mike Is Yours"
Each episode, host Mike Mainier brings on guests from all walks of life for an in-depth interview.
5/23/19 An Interview with Singer/Songwriter Samuel Tambe
Episode #001: Musician Samuel Tambe stops by Studio A to talk about growing up in the Buffalo music scene, the most important thing to know when playing in a band, how he conquered stage fright, and other important lessons he's learned along the way.  From being a hired gun playing 6-strings in a bunch of rock bands, to his most memorable moment as a musician, you won't want to miss his humble words of wisdom whether you've never played a song or have been on stage for years.  Sam also gives a soulful live performance of his new original song "Fine Time" which will debut on his new album "Deep Breath" dropping June 28th, 2019.   
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