Marge Merrill: The Literary Terrorist

To quote from Whitman, “That you are here, that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.”
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7/22/10 The Literary Terrorist 1st anniversary show!
Observing National Poetry Month and Poem in Your Pocket Day with a poetry salon held by the seniors of the Total Aging in Place Program in Amherst NY. Thanks to the Participants and Staff for a fun afternoon of great poetry! 
The cast of characters, in order of appearance: Marge Merrill, Eleanore Mazurowski, Carol Rizzo, Bruce Sansom, Jean Alcock, Molly Santoro with Gussie Platt, Mary-el Minich, Sharon McCarthy, Marie Molfese, Ann Watson, Marti Kennedy , Margaret Brooks, "Papa" Geoff Brown, Margaret Mary Murphy, Judy Stankowski, Ellie Post, Josephine Jackson, Rosalie Alessi, Clara Hickey, Kathy Howard, Virginia Buczynski, Esther Feuz, Irene Mikula, Rose Murphy, Theresa Schomaker, Shirley Steger, Sara Williams, Lori Gondek, Clara Hickey
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2/5/10: A Conversation with Gunilla Theander Kester
Marge's guest is scholar, musician and poet Gunilla Theander Kester. Topics include childhood dreams, the Yiddish word beschert, writing and classical guitar. Gunilla also speaks of the personal loss of her friend Cantor Susan Wehle in the crash of Flight 3407 and moving toward healing through a special project. Poetry readings are from the chapbook Time of Sand and Ice and the anthology The Empty Chair: Love and Loss in the Wake of Flight 3407.
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7/21/09 An Hour with Martha Deed
Marge's guest is writer, multi-media artist and poet Martha Deed. Topics include the writing process, finding your way back to metaphor and domestic violence. The interview would not be complete without one more swipe at "W" which Martha deftly delivers in her readings.
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4/30/09 Poem in Your Pocket Day
Marge dives into the radio thing and has too much coffee, meets the staff of the Total Aging in Place Program and meets a delightful group of program participants who read their favorite poems. 
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