The Annual New Years Eve Bash at Maggies

12/31/07 Hosted by All WNY Radio:
All interviews by Josh Smith.
(click on each name to listen)

1. Interview with A2J visit his website
2. live music by A2J visit his website
3. interview with Christine Wallace visit her website
4. interview with Christie visit her website
5. interview with Dan visit his website
6. interview with the Gravity Thieves visit their website
7. live music by Thinksobrain visit their website
8. interview with Jay Carver visit his website
9. Live Music by the Gravity Thieves visit his website
10. interview with Liz
11. interview with Rick Rhodes visit his website
12. interview with Siege AD visit their website
13. live music by Siege AD visit their website
14. interview with Thinksobrain visit their website
15. interview with 2 Days of Funk visit their website
Click here to see photos of the event from our staff photographer, Christine Wallace