Lisa Rose: Things I Learned the Hard Way

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3/2/11 The Obama Deception
Fred Mohr, Robb Nesbitt, Amy Smardz, Jim Pray, and Lisa Rose discuss the documentary titled The Obama Deception, written by Alex Jones.
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10/25/09 Chelsea
Lisa Rose describes the behavior of her family cat, Chelsea. While others might be appalled, Lisa is accepting of her pet's true nature and even amused by it.
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8/30/09 What about me?
Let me sit down, I wanna be a housewife, and look at me.
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1/31/09 Animals As Teachers
Jim, Fred, and Lisa talk about the many lessons they learned from animals in their life.
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1/3/09 Powerful Words: What They Mean To You
Michelle, Joel, Sal, Fred, Jim, and Lisa provide insight on ten powerful subjects: charity, confidence, freedom, guidance, happiness, honesty, kindness, love, peace, and persistence.
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12/6/08 The Power of Words
Lisa Rose, Josh Smith, Lucy Yau, Marcia Drennan, Carl Thiel, and Jim Pray trade comments on the power of words.
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10/12/08 First Impressions
Jim Pray, Carl Thiel, and Lisa discuss first impressions and how to avoid making judgements about other people.
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9/10/08 Animals as teachers
Jim, Mike, Hannah, and Lisa exchange views on animals, unexpected happenings, and how to live in the now.
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7/31/08 Stealing
Join Lisa and her co-host Jim as they talk about how you can protect yourself from thieves and wrongdoers.
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6/3/08 Goals, Dreams and Time
Among the topics discussed are people who drain your energy, the musical Hairspray, the importance of pursuing your dreams, and life as a time management game (10:14)
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4/29/08 Comparing myself to others
Life is a journey not a hierarchy. Discover your unique talents while appreciating those of others. In order to move forward on your own path, you should not compare yourself to anyone else except yourself. (12:45)
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