Kitty Lambert: Oh My God! Grandma's GAY!!
A look at LGBT issues on a Federal Level Coast to Coast!
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Get off your back and take a stand!
3/24/10 I Know the Power of PINK VOTES!!!
This episodes guest is Bryan Ball, current president of the Stonewall Democrats of Western New York, a long time advocate for LGBT issues. And of course, my darling Cheryle Rudd and the ever present man boy Cory Promowicz .
Part one; What's been going on with Grandma
The kick ass rap song by Gentle Touch, MAD EVIL, from their album Stud Life,
We talk about OUTspoken breaking the Irish barrier with their entry in the South Buffalo St Patrick's Day Parade, American Hero, Lt Dan Choi and DODT, Queer the Cencus
Part two; The history behind the momentum of LGBT power through votes, , Executive Director of Rock The Vote, Patrick Lippert, another gay american hero, Stonewall Democrats or nationally, and of course Log Cabin Republicans,
Part three; There are no gays in the office in the Republican party... listen and laugh, Any one out there ready to gather the troops with a Queer The Vote Movement?
This episode includes two quotes by James Buckley.
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2/25/10 Marriage NOT, Votes Gone Pink and Storming the New York Senate
Part One: Grandma's A Cougar Too!?!?!
A discussion of the recent NOT marriage between Grandma Kitty and a total stranger, the VIdeo, and what went right
Kitty Lamberts Marriage Video by

Part Two: I Know The Power Of The PINK VOTE!
LGBT votes and the panic they cause.

Part Three: Stepping up to the Plate!
Storming the New York State Senate on Feb 23rd.
Stachowski Under Seige video

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11/18/09 The Media; How it portrays LGBT Individuals and their issues
Grandma is joined by Mason Dugger and Christopher Connolly as she discusses The Media This show is divided into 3 segments; First Segment, "In the beginning" a look at the coverage for Stonewall in 1969. Second Segment, "A change in the airwaves - Out of the Closet and onto the one-eyed monster" looking at the movement of LGBT individuals into mainstream media. Third Segment, "Stepping into the here and now" looking at what the media is doing and how it is controlled by outside influence and demands.
Referenced in this episode are the Hays Code
The original articles on Stonewall from The NYTimes
The original article on Stonewall from the NY Daily News
and finally, check out Laurie Berkner's fabulous video 'Your My Family'
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8/23/09: Immigration and Bi-National Families
A discussion on the issue of immigration and how it affects bi-national couples and families, what legislation is currently being considered for the protection of bi-national families. Our guest is Dr. Craig Centrie, Associate Professor of the Graduate School of Education at Medaille College in Buffalo and Professor of Latino Studies at the University of Buffalo NY. Referenced in this show is the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA HR 1024 / s 424) and the following websites; Immigration Equality, an organization that focuses on the work at hand, THE place to find out WHO represents YOU, the article "The Global Gaze; Caught Between Love and Country, Part 1, an LGBT lobbying and advocacy organization working for the Passage of Same-Gender Marriage, The Dignity For All Students Act and The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act.
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