Independently Produced Music
A show for bands that are not signed with a label and want to get the word out about their original music. All audio is in mono. To get the full stereo CD, contact the artist.
3/31/14 Magalen's second album
Magdalen is an ultra indie super local electronic jazzy rockish ear feast out of Buffalo, NY. This interview is about and features Flux (2014), a new full length record. You can find their music here, on Spotify, or just by googling it. Press play, turn it up, and I hope you enjoy it.
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10/30/12 Magdalen
Magdalen is a solo electronic music project created by Michael Manning. The music you'll hear in the next hour takes influences from David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Peter Murphy, Moby and Depeche Mode. Its a very experimental auditory experience, and I hope you enjoy it!
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8/10/13 Jonathan Kasper's album IN THE KNOW
Richard Wicka interviews singer/songwriter Jonathan Kasper about his new melodic rock album IN THE KNOW. Also present are executive producer and business partner Jocelyn Kasper and old friend Joni Russ. Listen to bits of the first nine cuts on this 13-song, fully-produced album and some cool in-the-making background stories. Originally from Buffalo, NY and now living in Nashville, TN (Music City, USA), Kasper admits influences by The Beatles, The Stones, The Who and loves creating fresh and new songs for today's listeners. Contact Jonathan and check out links to his successful Kickstarter campaign and live performances on YouTube at
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10/26/12 Michael Manning
Below are six tracks from his album "For the Birds". To purchase the whole CD contact Michael Manning at
1 - My Beloved (3:52) or click here
2 - Take All You Want (4:07) or click here
3 - Hollow (3:27) or click here
4 - Sublime Look (4:05) or click here
5 - I Love You (4:39) or click here
6 - Mana (3:18) or click here