Heather Kalisiak: Slapdash Bang
Documenting the lingering effects of Monty Python, coconut iced coffee, Japanese culture, lye fumes, and too much absinthe on a hardly-average surburban housewife, who really, really wants to take a nice long nap.
10/14/09 Episode III: Return of the Over-stressed Miss Striped Socks
A puke green recliner, a best friend with two wheels and an homage to our future cyborg overlords come to the forefront as our intrepid hostess denies being a poet, intelligent, or organized. Full musical credits and other oddities, as always, at http://www.SlapdashBang.com
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6/4/09 Music, Motherhood, and Medical Bills
With only a passing mention of dead fish, our hostess wallows in the misery of not enough hours in the day to contemplate peaberry coffee and old Pink Floyd albums.
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4/9/09 It's Plot Exposition, it Has to go Somewhere
A dead fish, errant tape recorder, and injured cicadas help create the new world of Slapdash Bang, where everything from this moment on is fodder for a good story (or a bad one!). Complete song list and back story for the back story at SlapdashBang.com
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