I have waited for midnight all day
I have avoided poems that rhyme
the moon is not a business
the moon is not a corporation
and this fills me with delight
that there is one source against the night
that is not filled with your so called
divine commerce

Hour upon hour
is the hour of the maggot
that spreads around the six o'clock news
Ayn Rand appears
The sword of Damocles appears
To hell with them both
The moon is not a retirement fund
the moon is not the Stop and Go
I have waited a lifetime just to feel
the moonlight
pass into my blood and go to sleep
quivering for another round
like a boxer with one last chance

Thoreau burned down a forest
just to answer a prayer
Reagen destroyed a country
just to be a folk remedy
Where were you when I was tossed
against the sea?
The moon is not a structure
The moon is not an intellect
I pray for the moonlight that comes soon
I pray for the moon

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