I think we both would have liked each other
We both stood naked in decrepit rooms
though you used your body
and I have nothing but words
awash in black and white
like your skin

Francesca, why are three of you?
Were you the entire trinity? I think so
Francesca, were you lonely like me?
Even more so, I believe
Lonely to the bone and beyond
Dead at the lip of the ocean

Your father blamed it all
on an application that went wrong
to the National Endowment for the Arts
I was also turned down by NEA
for a performance of a lonely man
watching the Gulf War on CNN
in a tiny hotel room
you would felt quite at home in

Your photographs they were beautiful
I think you would have like me
I would have loved to make you laugh
Off camera, of course

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Francesca Woodman was a photographer who committed suicide at age 22.