At the Suicide Hotel
everyone yearns for the same
continental head job
but it never happens
For this is the Suicide Hotel
known for its bad room service
its nasty state of affairs
and its badly located dishes
We are not talking about Vichyssoise
We are talking about the universe

Everyone wants a piece
of the beautiful
Pre-Raphaelite desk clerk
but it never happens
For this is not
Rosetti Rooms and Suites
This is the Suicide Hotel
surrounded by binary stars
visible through the dark
through my cracked lens of a telescope
on the seventh floor

I am simple, simple as
the man on the moon....

I can see myself hanging
from the boughs of Notre Dame
with all the other tortured gargoyls
In negativity, all truth appears
at the Suicide Hotel
it does so in spades

At the Suicide Hotel
we could be wankers on the rooftops
waving for Eyewitness News to capture us
but we do not
We scurry from light
like rats in the night
There are no miracles at the Suicide Hotel
Save the miracle of damnation
Save the miracle of death

I called up the king of Kaisertown
I spoke into the receiver
He bounced my most recent suicide poem
deep into Tango Delta
Omicron Velorum has a dish for you
I watched as I saw
troop build ups of the North Korean army
along with beautifiul dresses
once worn by Milton Berle long ago
in the Andromeda Galaxy

Get yourself together, my friend
For tomorrow you must teach
at Suicide College
You must take the subway
filled with broken down people on their way
to work at MacDonald's if they are lucky
You will teach the suicidal grammar
of the Queen's English
to semi-suicidal students
who will someday work at MacDonald's
if they are lucky

At the Suicide Hotel
they let you out of your cell
for 30 minutes outside in the yard
Myself, I am in solitary confinement
I was caught with too much
suicidal Mohawk vodka
at four dollars a pint
The management likes to keep you drunk
but not too drunk
It interferes with the prompt payment of rent
Suicide is expensive
Suicide is heavily taxed
Suicide is an investment
Just add up those cigarette and alcohol expenses
and it's no wonder you cannot manage
A local supercluster of galaxies
even on the cheap

I am simple, simple as
the man on the moon

We all make popcorn here
The pop of the kernels comes as a relief
We watch movies on the computer here
in my tiny room
Some twenty of us jammed on the floor
like a pack of cigarettes
A tightly packed infantry
ready to burn down the Suicide Hotel
if only we had some matches
We might form a mighty constellation

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