I am sick today
sick of all the politics
sick of all the cigarettes
even sick of all the beer
Everything that should make a poet
healthy and well

I walked in the rain
to four bank machines
and could not get money
from any of them

I am sick
of the banking system
I am sick of the rain
I am sick today
sick of everything

Suicide would be an answer
I would leave
a most literary note behind
But I am sick
of suicidal thoughts
I am sick of literature
the only remaining hope I have
is in the revolution

I am sick of the movies
I am sick of Brad Pitt
You know,
when Marlin Brando died
I was in a taxi
going to a mental hospital
The saxophones on the radio
were more than welcome
they sat down with sunlight
they were in blocks
of orange and black

I am sick today
I'll be sick again tomorrow
I am sick of the doctors
I am sick of myself
I am sick of the revolution
that never seems to come
I am sick of myself
as a revolutionary leader
who could have really pulled it off
And so could you
if we weren't all
really sick

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