for Vaclav Havel

A light exists in spring
though I have never seen it
I have heard the rumours
I have even seen the reports
of eye witnesses
who tell about this light
that exists in spring
they must be mad

Vaclav Havel died today
even the worst of his plays
were most welcome
He smoked a lot of cigarettes
Drank a lot of vodka
and was a true statesman
Though I will miss him
he never once spoke
of a light that exists in spring

Instead he wrote about
the power of the powerless
which is a force much greater
than light
and much more to my liking
There is also something so seductive
about a velvet revolution
which was partially motivated
by a rock bank called
Plastic People

A light does exists in spring
perhaps for a moment
it shone on Vaclav Havel
Perhaps it shone
on the entire Czech republic

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