I keep the night lights on
all day long
they look like candles
in the darkened room
but not as dangerous as candles
with all the wine and smoking
that goes on in here

The pills that could kill me
lie on the unkempt matress

Women don't sleep
there anymore
And I don't blame them
My marketability
as a handsome young colonel
from the Boer War
seems to have passed

Who exactly died for me?
Was it Frank Sinatra
during his Nelson Riddle recordings?
or Jesus Christ
when he was with Paramount
Was it Karl Marx
and his famous hemmorids
or some other other virginal form?

U-Tube knows me well
and all my crummy surroundings
24 hours of vomit is my network
I awake to hear about news
from the Winter Palace
and all the happy Bolsheviks
with their first exposure
to perfume soap

I keep the night lights on
I like living in hotels
but not on the first floor
where I hear everybody's noise
by the ever opening and closing
of the elevator
all day and all night

I keep the night lights on
the curtains closed
it's much better that way

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