for Albert Brown

Occupy everything and everyone
The banks and their ancient blinkers
the media and their myopic stare
Together they unite against us
in our twenty-four seven sacrifice
Occupy everything and everyone
Just like the body snatchers
Just like the night of the living dead
Just like the horror movies predicted
Occupy everything and everyone
Taste their blood
before they take every drop from you

Wall Street has failed us
Washington has failed us
The Church has failed us
Justin Bieber has failed us
Make one last and lasting embrace
Occupy everything and everyone

Has the sun sang for you lately?
How many times has the moon sat down?
I would not know
We live in tents filled with nothing
but bad food, stench and humanity
Like parachute jumpers
we would have hoped to have landed
in a democracy performed on Mars
Hoping the dawn would find us in mirrors
clean faced, shaven and handsome

Instead today, I will pick up my poverty
with my pants
Today, I will tighten my belt
around a slim tomorrow
Time Warner, I so despise
Haliburton, I so despise even more
It is cold and it is damp here
Yet my contempt keeps me warm
Tomorrow, I will have a warm shower
Tomorrow, the sun will once again
keep its memory to my skin
The moon is more unpredictable
but it too will rise as a friend

Througout these monuments of mud
I have been hungry a thousand times
though I do not expect the calvary to charge
I dont expect anything
in the John Wanye department

Occupy Tom Cruise!
Occupy Hollywood!
Occupy the Tonight Show!
Don't listen to Channel 7 and its
progranada of the weather
The climate will soon change
Once we have occupied everything
and everyone

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