Diana Miranda and Leslie Fineberg:
Euphraxia Talk Radio

With some focus on the WNY bellydance scene and American Tribal Style Bellydance, Euphraxia's show exists to raise awareness of all things artistic... on a local level, as well as outside of WNY. Questions? Feedback? Interested in Euphraxia? Email us!
5/16/10 Mo' Euphraxia Randomness!
Dance, stuff, iPhones... oh hai! Sorry, we forgot we were on the air! It's all good, we mean well, we really do! If you're wondering how we eat or breathe, or other science facts, then repeat to yourself it's just a show, you should really just relax (ya like that MST3K reference?)
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3/21/10 Euphraxia-Talkity-Talk-Talk... with your 2 new hosts: Maxie Rosemont and Star Plymouth!! No Leslie and Diana here, sorry!
Today, we done wung it all the way through! Hang on tight!
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1/17/10 The Insanity Ball Edition!
It's cold here in Buffalo, so we've decided to turn up the heat a little! In this episode we feature special guest Nadia Ibrahim, and phone in guests from Erie PA, Jessica and Vikki. We talk about oodles of things... the upcoming "Insanity Ball" in Erie, "The Mystery and Origins of Bellydance" event in Lewiston, FCBD's newest DVD release: Vol. 8: Floorwork, and of course, some healthy ranting, to keep the blood flowing ;) For more information on events mentioned during this episode, please visit our website, or drop us an email at: info@euphraxia.com. Interested in bellydance? Come take a class... Euphraxia is starting a new session on Thursday, January 28th!
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11/15/09 Euphraxia Talk Radio
89.2% bellydance talk, and well... a whole lot of other yackity yack. Cause that's what we do best. Listen in to see what we decided was air-worthy. We're not going to give away all the goodies in the show description, sorry!!
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9/17/09 BTVs + Euphraxia = "We're All Winners" (BTV song you should listen to)
We're back!! After a summer of busy, busy, busy, your two favorite 'Bad Girls' (or is that bad seeds??) of Buffalo Bellydance, return, to talk bellydance, local events, music and more. With EXTRA special guests, Brrrn, Janna/MC Vendetta and Alex Mead of the Blood Thirsty Vegans. Music by The Blood Thirsty Vegans -- and some songs by Phil Thornton. Be sure to check out the BTV website and their MySpace page, and feel free to follow along with Euphaxia via Twitter (on our website) and on Facebook as well (we're everywhere).
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4/1/09 Euphraxia Fool's Day
Episode 'faux' ... with your favorite ladies of Euphraxia! In this our latest escapade, we present an info-filled episode, featuring music by Tim Rayborn, as well as interviews with Richard Wicka (the man behind Home of the Future Studios and Think Twice Radio), and the amazing and talented Wendy Allen, of FatChanceBellyDance! This is an episode you do NOT want to miss! Tune in for updates on the Buffalo Infringement Festival, events at The Bellydance Academy, and more!
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2/18/09 Episode #3
Euphraxia, with special guests, Josh Smith, and Heather Kalisiak (of Red Moon Tribal). Local bellydance event announcements and lots of talk of the 2009 Buffalo Infringement Festival. Music by Helm.
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10/5/08 Euphraxia + His Rap Name is Alex = our first show!
During our first show, we talk about local bellydance, upcoming local events, and other misc things. With a 'destination unknown' kind of feel, we feature local artist Alex Mead, and intro and outro music by The Crystal Radio.
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