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1/29/09 Conversation with Artist William Herod
Erin Bahn speaks with William Herod about his current project Task Zeno. Task Zeno is a robot born from the dreams of humans. Learn more about Task Zeno at William Herod's website. Come listen to us discuss this project, think about the future and relive the past. Thanks for visiting! Buffalo, NY is the place for discovery!
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9/28/08 Pow Wow: Cross Culture Dance with Native American dancer Dallin Maybee
Dallin Maybee shares his insights into Native American Dance and Pow Wows.
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7/29/08 Dialogue with Gerry Trentham
Gerry Trentham talks about dancing, living and his new piece, "Four Mad Humours".
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6/26/08 Interview with Richard Band
Erin interviews Richard Band who is a composer of film music. He has scored movies such as The House on Sorority Row, Troll, Re-Animator and From Beyond. Visit his website.
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