Jonny Dragonfly: American Culture

I’ve always found American culture to be perversely yet wondrously complex as well as somewhat weirdly amorphous."
3/29/09 Animal Liberation and the Necessity of a Vegetarian Diet to Save the Planet from Environmental Degradation
“American Culture” host Jonny Dragonfly and special guest Dee Newman, an Animal Rights Liberationist and Vegan, discuss factory farming and its impact on human health and the environment, as well as the use of non-human animals in medical research. Vegetarianism and veganism are stated as being at the ethical core of what it means to be an animal liberationist. Moral, ethical, scientific, and environmental arguments are discussed as to why human animals need to expand their circle of compassion to include all sentient non-human animals for the sake of maintaining species biodiversity and for the survival of the planet.
Here are some links:
Humane Myth: Encouraging truth, transparency and integrity in animal advocacy
Tribe of Heart
Peter Singer
Earth Save: Heathy people, healthy planet
Veg Cooking: Vegetarian receipes, products and restaurants
Go Veg
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicene
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7/23/08 American Religious Iconoclasts and the Politics of Change
Jonny discusses great American changemakers who were influenced by deep religious thought and who used their inner power of self awareness to create social change in America.
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5/15/08 Robert Rauschenberg
Jonny discusses the life and art of Robert Rauschenberg, creativity and the need for artistic expression. Click here for photos of Rauschenberg's work.
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