Dan Pordum: Guerilla Radio
This podcast was created to provide an open honest and uncensored forum to discuss comedy, social issues and and the entertainment scene in Buffalo New York....completely free of any restrictions...you can contact me on face book...or at buffcomic@yahoo.com.
8/2/11 The inside scoop with Hollywood Super agent Howard Lapides
Dan and Loraine discuss Howards' associations with Sam Kinison, Norm McDonald, Dr. Drew, Adam Corolla, Jimmy Kimmel, Carson Daly, Stephanie Miller, Roseanne, Dennis Miller, Tom Green and the beginnings of Buffalo Comedy.
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7/12/11 "What are you looking at Faggot?"
Dan Pordum and Loraine O'Donnell talk about censorship: "What are you looking at Faggot"..After the mass media attention that Tracy Morgan and Jo Koy received for their "homophobic" diatribes, are words themselves hurtful or offensive and should there be limitations on freedom of speech...
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3/28/10 Can you get laid off FaceBook and where to eat after......
Comedians Mark Saldana, Dan Pordum and Sid Ehrenreich talk about The best burgers,pizza and wings....getting laid on facebook , the right wing movement , the Tea Party and health care....NSFW
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9/6/09 SlickTom talks
Former 97 Rock Jock Slick Tom talks about local radio. Life and Politics On Gurillia Radio. Check out Slick at www.slickTom.com Uncensored and Honest. Check it out.
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8/2/09 Tumor Humor
Episode Description: Dan Pordum. Nick Siracuse, Sid Ehrenreich and Josh Smith rant and rave about the History of Buffalo Comedy and Local radio . All comedy veterans all opinionated and very funny they discuss the local comedy scene from 1985 to the present.
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