Celeste Lawson: Biz, Bites and Buzz
Celeste Lawson is a poet, writer, and long-time advocate for the arts in WNY. She spent more than 20 years as an arts administrator in Buffalo working with arts organizations across the state and the country. She is passionate about Buffalo and its cultural arts community. She believes artists are the linchpins of the world.
5/18/17 Good News With Spoken Word Artist "Goodness"
A conversation with Goodness on the many exciting community activities taking place in the next few weeks during the month June. Events include 11th Annual City-wide Youth Open Mic on May 20th -  National Children's Day Festival on June 11th and the 42nd Annual Juneteenth Festival with a host of community activities starting June 11th.
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4/21/17 Gettin' It Together With poet "Goodness"  
Talking with author, poet and spoken word artist, "Goodness" and her mission to promote creativity and literacy. Her next special event is this weekend,Saturday, April 22 and April 23 at the Frank W. Merriweather Library in honor of National Poetry Month. Adults and adult themed literary works featured on Saturday and Sunday is a kid and family friendly day of poetry, fun and games. Free to the public so please come out and support Goodness, the participants and celebrate National Poetry Month!!!
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3/3/17 Meet Dr. Catherine Collins, NYS Regent for Western New York, District 8.
A conversation with Dr. Collins on the state of affairs in our local education community and our educational needs around the State including health initiatives within the penal system with a a particular focus on women's health. This is just Part I! Stay tuned for Part 2!
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3/2/17 The Phenomenon of the Back to Basics Outreach Ministries in Buffalo, NY
A conversation with Pastor James E. Giles, President & CEO of the Back to Basics Outreach Ministries and the amazing and much needed work this organization does for our community. They are hidden and unsung heros who are making every effort to offer and provide individuals assistance that guide them along a path of living a life that is drug free, violence free, self-empowering, and self-respectful. Helping them to be assets to our community and not liabilities.! Support them and their GoFundMe page or visit them at www.back2basicsministries.org. Joined by special guest co-host, Mark Lazzara, who shares news of an exciting new event presented by Landies Candies and Family Promise to provide birthday parties for homeless children.
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2/10/17 Valentine's Day Fun, Music, Refreshments, and the enjoyment of erotic verse and prose at Phenomenal Xpressions
Conversation with Nikita Williams about her special Pre-Valentines in-store shopping event featuring, jazz music, erotic poetry and prose - call out to everyone support local business ! Come join the musicians and literary and spoken word artists for an evening focused on love and beauty.
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1/22/17 Conversation with Drea D'Nur!
The Spirit of Nina Simone is coming to Buffalo on February 24th at Kleinhans Music Hall - produced and directed by singer, composer, musician, Drea D'Nur. Also, a precursor to the main event is a wonderful FREE event taking place at Burchfield Penney Art Center on Wednesday, February 22nd from 7pm-9pm featuring original artworks by people of color in honor of Nina Simone - so be there for that occasion and then fasten your seat belts and get ready for the Kleinhans performance!
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11/27/16 A Fascinating Conversation with Two Fascinating Women:
Nikita Williams, entrepreneur, producer, director and Joy Scime, playwright and actor. A wonderful discussion with two very creative and talented women who are passionate about doing great things to promote the rich cultural offerings and historic legacy of Buffalo and Western New York. Join Nikita Williams on Sat. Dec. 3rd at 517 Main Street beginning at 3pm for a special event in cooperation with the Fountain Plaza Christmas Tree Lighting event in downtown Buffalo, and opening of the skating rink. Phenomenal Xpressions is a beautiful boutique filled with a lovely array of wonderful items where you can have a warm and friendly shopping experience that offers unique items with deep discounts and you can stay and enjoy live music, dancers, poetry, and refreshments until 10pm. The next day, Sun. Dec 4th The Colored Musicians Club celebrates its 100th Anniversary and beginning at 4pm there will be a special event that is a theatrical reading of "Dissonance" a play based on real life circumstances written by Joy Scime on the forced merger of the Black and White Musicians Locals during the onset of integration in the 1960s. There will be live entertainment by CMC members during the play and refreshments available. Both these events are free and open to the public - no reason not to be there and support these causes!!!!
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11/13/16 Two Sisters On Fire: Talking With artist Drea DNur and entrepreneur
Nitika Williams Part One

A discussion with designer, entrepreneur and television producer, Nikita Williams and music artist and producer, Drea D'Nur about their community ventures, adventures, contributions, opportunities, and gifts they bring to our society. These are two sisters on fire and we should listen and support their efforts. Amen!
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11/11/16 Let's talk about ways to save our kids from education death
A discussion with Mary Ellen Mulvey, Ph.D. a co-founder of MJL Consultants who established popuplearningsolutions.com, a program of creative and integrated STEAM programming for engaged learning. We must find ways to give kids the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential by giving them learning experiences that are exciting and nurturing ... not dull, test driven formulaic piles of information that don't promote imagination and discovery!
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5/1/16 Meet Austin Harig, Buffalo School Board Candidate for the Park (South) Buffalo Public School District.
A conversation with Austin Harig, the youngest candidate to ever run for this office. Austin is a senior at Hutch Tech High School, a small business owner, and a passionate, fearless, advocate for the students in Buffalo Public Schools. So much so that he is unafraid to challenge and meet head on formidable incumbent, Carl Palladino. Austin has the edge on the reality of the situation. As a student in a public school, he experiences the truth of the district in every way possible. He wants what's best for his peers and their families and the future of our city. He's smart, self-reliant, and peace maker. I wish him well.
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3/31/16 Dances That You Feel Good - Body and Mind!
A conversation with several super fun local dance instructors who are involved in Line Dancing, Detroit Ballroom dancing, Argentinian Tango, Salsa, Yoga, and Free Style. Namely, Cheri Brown & Darel Amaker, Craig & Dee Chapman, and Sarah Heylek. Cheri & Darel teach Urban Line Dance, Detroit Ballroom, Chicago Stepping, Craig & Dee the Tango and Sarah can be found at Salsa For the Soul! Add some joy to your life and dance!!!
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3/20/16 Get Your Literary On! A Conversation with Gary Earl Ross, noted Buffalo author, playwright and poet.
Gary Earl Ross shares with listeners how he came to his writing life and his unique brand of storytelling. We learn about his upcoming stage productions and prepare for the exciting launch of his latest project destined to bring Buffalo into the national arena of mystery story telling with Gary's new series "Nickel City Blues." Stay tuned! Make sure to go see The Mark of Cain that opens March 31st at the Manny Fried Playhouse at Subversive Theatre and April 3 and April 10th will also feature talk backs with the cast. Visit www.subversivetheatre.org for more details.
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3/18/16 Celeste Talks to Mark C. Lloyd - Poet, Playwright, and Generally Cool Guy
Mark Lloyd is one of our community's most prolific and popular poets and writer who works tirelessly to help promote and advance local poets and their work. Mark shares his work with listeners and invites everyone to upcoming poetry readings. A truly fun conversation. Mark's work can be found on Amazon.com, No Frills Buffalo, Barnes and Nobles, or reach Mark directly via his Facebook page or Lighthousechuck7@verizon.net. His book titles are Unfinished Suite: Poetry & Prose and Breakfast With You - A Collection of Poems.
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11/6/14 Trains, Trains, and More Trains for you and your Family at the Broadway Market this holiday season on December 20th and 21st from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
A conversation with John Kavulich, II, President of The Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart and Chuck Janiga of Chuck's Train Room talk about the upcoming holiday season events that are fun for the whole family --- and extra special fun for train collectors and hobbyists! The Niagara Hobby and Craft Mart does business the old fashioned way and when he says special events are free for everyone they are really FREE! Bring the whole family - see live reindeer, Santa and his main Elf every weekend beginning November 29th! Visit the Broadway Market at www.broadwaymarket.org or Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart at www.niagarahobby.com and call 716.681.6060 and anyone who needs help or repair of their own trains at home can email Chuck at chuckstrainroom@live.com. Have fun!
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10/5/14 Celebrating Hispanic Heritage and Hispanic Heritage Month in Buffalo and Western New York.
A discussion with Casimiro Rodriguez, Sr., President, Board of Directors of the Hispanic Heritage Council of Western New York and Tamara Alsace, Ph.D., Secretary of the Hispanic Heritage Council of Western New York. She is also the Director of the Multilingual Programs for Buffalo Public Schools. Casimiro and Tammy share with listeners the significant contributions Hispanic populations made to Buffalo and the Niagara Region in creating the region's history and shaping it's future. Hispanic Heritage Month continues through October 15, 2014 with a closing ceremony beginning at noon in the atrium of Buffalo City Hall where Mayor Byron Brown will recognize leaders within the Hispanic community.
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9/16/14 Part II with Matthew Ricchaizzi - Ricchaizzi on a Roll!
Episode Description: Matthew gives his thoughts on the recent primary results as well some ideas on "out of the box" potential mayoral candidates for Buffalo, and plants a few seeds for future discussions. Talking with Matt is always exciting because he is fearless in his "informed" opinions - which is great because many opinions are not informed, and he's willing to share facts that often remain hidden from the general public.
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9/8/14 Lukia Costello: Through the Eyes of an Artist: Her Personal Connection to Ukraine, and Her Observations of Our Own Changing Cultural Landscape and the Similarities We All Share in Living Our Day-to-Day Lives.
A candid and thoughtful conversation with Lukia Costello,who is of Ukraine heritage, shares up close and personal observations from her recent trip to visit family in Ukraine. A powerful dialogue on the "real" state of affairs in Ukraine based on her experience, and how she will expression the dynamism and contradictions of the events unfolding in Ukraine through an upcoming exhibit she is planning. Stay tuned, and visit her Face Book Page and become a fan! Lukia Costello Photography.
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9/3/14 Ricchaizzi on a Roll: Part I
A candid conversation with Matthew Ricchaizzi, a young, local dynamo with a passion for making things better in our community by challenging our leadership to be accountable and transparent in their policy making. Matthew discusses the overt bias of mainstream media, especially The Buffalo News. In Part I of our conversation Matthew shares his views on Buffalo's urban planning future and the debate over gentrification, the unfair, undue influence mainstream media gave Carl Paladino during the recent School Board elections, and his own independent online media outlet - The Buffalo Chronicle - go visit BuffaloChronicle.com. Stay tuned for Ricchaizzi on a Roll:Part II.
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5/5/14 The Truth About the Lies you've been Told about the Buffalo Board of Education.
Pulling back the curtain on the real motivation for some of the candidates seeking a place on the Buffalo BOE, the money at stake, the power grab, and the unfortunate, genuine lack of concern for making deep systemic change on behalf of children in the Buffalo public school district, and constant onslaught of attacks against the superintendent are really nothing but distractions from the facts --- big tail wagging the dog to divert from any of her achievements -- even in the face of extreme adversity.
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5/4/14 Conversation with Board of Education Candidates - Part 2 - Who you gonna vote for!?
Talking with Dr. Barbara Seals Nevergold, President of the Buffalo Board of Education and Sergio Rodriquez, candidate for the Board of Education. Two different voices seeking your support and responding to the call for change in our district.
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5/2/14 Up Close with Buffalo School Board Candidates Part I. Who you gonna vote for?!
Candid discussion with Bernie Tolbert, candidate for Buffalo Board of Education. Tolbert shares his views on the Board's performance, the superintendent's performance and his skill and knowledge on the best ways to keep schools safe in this day of recurring of school tragedies.
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Power Partners #1 - Conversation with artists Michael Morgulis and Trudy Stern to learn all about their latest community adventures. Big Cherry Blossom Festival and many new works at New Buffalo Graphics.
Trudy shares the news about the upcoming and first-ever Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival set for April 25 - May 4, 2014. Please support the event by donating at BuffaloCherryBlossomFestival.com. Michael Morgulis is the creator of Buffalo's iconic "Buffalo Bison" image and owner of New Buffalo Graphics at 1417 Hertel Avenue. Visit the site at NewBuffaloGraphics.com.
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