Bill Kane: The Ghosts of Music Past and Present

This show is inspired by the broadcasts of the late British DJ, John Peel and his renowned "Peel Sessions". His support of the little known bands and giving them airplay allowed for the listening public to enjoy what he already experienced. In my small way, let the musical experience continue. Click here to contact Bill by email
Bandmate/Solo Performer .....Consumate Artist
This being December means that this program is co-hosted with my good friend Tom Jaccarino. This show captures the essence of musicians that have had success in both bands and as a solo artist.  Musicians hi-lighted on this show are:  David Kilgour, Noel Gallagher, Robyn Hitchcock, John K. Sampson, Kevin Morby, Bob Geldof, Tim Booth, Conor Oberst, Ray Davies, Joey Ramone, Jay Gonzalez and ending the show with my favorite Beatle .... George Harrison
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This Show Celebrates Our Ninth Anniversary On Think Think Radio.  Hard To Believe That We Are Beginning Our Tenth Year.  As Always Songs On This Anniversary Show Take On A Ghostly Theme.  Singer/Songwriters and Bands Taking Part On This Program Are:  Mason Jennings, Mark Owen, Widowspeak, Holy White Hounds, Our Lady Of Bells, Mixel Pixel, Tom Stevens, Conway Savage, The Crosswalks, The Memory Band, The Shondes .......And Ending The Show With  ....... Summer Believers, Arctic Dreamers.   Thanks For Listening Everyone ....... Happy Halloween!
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8/22/17 The Yellow Kid .... Comic Strips  (Colours & Form)
The theme for this program was inspired by my recently attending a comic strip (funnies ) exhibit which brought about this thought of Colours & Form, which also was the song title of a band that I was listening to at the time.  This collection of songs is a salute to the remaining weeks of summer.  Singer/songwriters and bands taking part on this program are:  The Wild Poppies, Billy Bragg, Swimming, The WaxWings, Beach House, The Ocean Party, Swim Deep, Alfie, The Deslondes, Ice Cream Hands, Froth, and finishing with the Isbells
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6/22/17 A Frizb's Experience
The Closing of Vinyl Record & CD Stores These Days Isn't Really News Anymore, But When The Largest Retail Store, The Last In It's Chain Closes, It Really Is News ......Such Is The Case With Record Theatre In Western New York.  This News Prompted Me To Do A Show On One Store That Is A Survivor And Continues to Operate In Kenmore, New York ........Frizb's Owned & Operated By My Good Friend Jeff Avery.  All The Tracks Played On This Program Have Been Purchased At Frizb's Thru The Years ...... Bands And Singer/Songwriters On This Show are:  The B-52's, Robert Plant, Big Country, The Killers, Ed Harcourt, The Who, The Auteurs, The Jezabels, The Rapture, Cinerama, Muze And Ending With The Sun & The Moon .........Enjoy The Show And Check Out Jeff's Store When You Get A Chance, It'll Be Worth Your While.
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4/19/17 7 Worlds Collide - "The Sun Came Out "
This Show Is Dedicated to the Upcoming Celebration of Earth Day Later This Week.  This Collaborative Effort Was Headed By Neil Finn From Split Enz  And Crowded House Fame And Included A Star Studded Supporting Cast. The Musicians Along With The International Organization Oxfam Worked Together To Achieve Positive Improvements In The Carbon Zero Program, Making The World A Better Place In Which To Live ............And The Music On The 2 Disc Album Isn't Too Bad Either.  I Hope That You Will Give It A Listen.
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2/15/17 You Can Call It A Love Song
This program comes on the heels of Valentine's Day .......... so why not love songs as the theme for this show.  Bands and singer/songwriters taking part in this show are:  The Good Listeners, Kissing Book, Sergeant Petter, My Second Surprise, The Cure, Monster Island, The Moons, The Room, Goldspot, The Proclaimers, Gold Bears and concluding with the The Iguanas.
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12/29/16 Cover This Song, Why Don't You
As on past year ending shows, this show is co-hosted by my good friend Tom Jaccarino.  This show consist of all cover songs ..... the ultimate tribute to a songwriter's efforts, having someone perform their song.  Artists and bands performing on this show are: The Beatles, The Byrds, The Hotrats, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Lucksmiths, The Old 97's, The Ramones, The Young Rascals, Calexico, The Housemartins, Jason & the Scorchers and ending the show with Phantom Planet.
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10/19/16 A Ghostly Affair VIII
This program celebrates our 8th anniversary on the air and also my 50th podcast on ThinkTwice Radio‹, thank you listeners for being part of my endeavor! Bands participating on this show are Motorama, Low, Beestings, Concrete Blonde, The Cabin Project,para I'm from Barcelona, Tired Pony, The Sunny Era, Spiral Beach, Elbow, Brain Storm and ending the program with The Shelters.
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6/22/16 DECADES - A Musical Trip from the 1940's to the Present
This Program Will Play Various Musical Genres Through The Decades Beginning With The 1940's ( Gypsy Jazz,  Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Psychedelia, Blue Eyed Soul/R&R, New Wave/Art Rock, Brit Pop, Twee Pop and Jangle Rock. Artists and Bands  Performing on this Program are:  Django Reinhardt, Buddy Knox, The Platters, Nelson Riddle & Orchestra, Traffic, The Small Faces, The Strawbs, XTC, The House of Love, The Field Mice, The Ocean Blue, Radiohead, Cinerama and concluding with Travis
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4/20/16 A Trip to the Vinyl Museum ( A 30 Something Year Old's Look Back on Alternative Rock Music of the 80's)
This program was conceived and produced by my son as he draws on alternative rock music that he was introduced to as a preteen on road trips with me to Peter Dunn's Vinyl Museum record store in the late 80's. Bands and musical artists featured on this program are:  Depece Mode, The Smiths, The Cure, The Church,  Echo & the Bunnymen, The House of Love, The Cult and ending the show with Morrisey.
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2/17/15 Farewell Sweet Prince
With The Recent Passing Of David Bowie on January 10th, We Would Like to Pay Honor to His Musical Career by Playing a Varied Selection of His Songs. I Hope that You Enjoy the Playlist.....
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