Bill Kane: The Ghosts of Music Past and Present

This show is inspired by the broadcasts of the late British DJ, John Peel and his renowned "Peel Sessions". His support of the little known bands and giving them airplay allowed for the listening public to enjoy what he already experienced. In my small way, let the musical experience continue. Click here to contact Bill by email
5/6/24 A to Z Series….. The Letter “U”……. Under the Milky Way
Today’s program finds us at the letter “U” in our series and I am pleased that I was able to work with a favorite band of mine as the theme for this program. The 1988 release “Starfish” by the Australian band The Church brought worldwide success for the group with their hit single “Under the Milky Way”, myself included as a fan. Drawing from that song title, we find ourselves looking to the celestial skies for this program’s entertainment. Singer/songwriters & bands taking part in this program are as follows: 1) Sealand Poets, 2) Asobi Seksu, 3) The Church, 4) Geneva, 5) Syd Barrett, 6) Echo and the Bunnymen, 7) Spoonfed Hybrid, 8) Cranes, 9) Gwenmars, 10) Thomas Dolby, 11) Davis Bowie and end the program with Genisis. I hope that everyone enjoys these tracks, it was enjoyable to arrange and put together. Take care and enjoy the balance of Spring. Talk to you again at the end of June!!

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2/22/24 A to Z Series The Letter “T”.... It's The Taking Part That Counts.
The music for this program comes from a compilation double disc album put out to celebrate the 2012 London Summer Olympics. I have abridged this down to 14 songs for this show. If taken on face value, this program’s theme is a call out to everyone to participate in something. Be it ….. with family, friends or any group or activity that makes you feel good. The singer/songwriters and bands taking part on this program are as follows: 1) St. Etienne, 2) Jeff Mellin, 3) One Fathom Down, 4) The Vatican Cellars, 5) The Leaf Library, 6) Flotation Toy Warning, 7) White Town, 8) Hannah Peel, 9) Hong Kong in the 60’s, 10) Band A Part, 11) Hacia Dos Veranos, 12) Sool, 13) Town Bike, 140 High Barnets w/ The Butterflies of Love. I hope everyone enjoys the concept of today’s program and gets something however small out of it. Everyone be well and talk to you in April. Take care!!

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12/19/23 A to Z Series. The Letter "S"
Snowflakes falling, Shivering cold, Sadness & Serenity ....... All that is Winter. I'm glad to have my good friend Tom Jaccarino back after a two-year absence to co-host this Holiday program. Working with the letter "S" and working it into the theme of the winter season, I think that we have come up with an interesting list of singer/songwriters and bands taking part for listening pleasure. The list of artists taking part are as follows: 1) The Lemon Twigs, 2) Astro Color 3) Bel Canto, 4) Garland Jefferys, 5) The Field Mice, 6) Dougie McLean, 7) Airport Girl, 8) Blackmore Night, 9) The Jasmine Minks, 10) Ralph McTell, 11) The Essex Green and ending with The Amazing. Here's hoping all you listeners have a happy + healthy Holiday Season. All the best !!

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10/24/23 15th Year Anniversary Show ….. Crystal Sounds & Roses.
This show marks 15 years of “The Ghost of Music Past and Present” here at Think Twice Radio.  I wanted something different as the theme rather than the “A Ghostly Affair” series that I have been doing in the past. I looked to the 15th year Wedding Anniversary features for what you are to listen to as the theme for this program ……. Crystal - the gem & a Rose - the flower.  Singer/songwriters and bands taking part in this program are as follows:  Thirteen Senses, Tele Novella, Fufanu, House of Fire, The Mist, Close Lobsters, Simone White, Peter Doherty, Snarls and ending with Morning Star.  Everyone enjoy the balance of autumn, talk to you in December.  Be well!!

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8/22/23 The A to Z series…. The Letter “R” ….. Reflections …… Being alone as opposed to being lonely.
This program’s theme is very relevant in our lives as we encounter people, friends included that fall into this situation. I have tried to curate some music for this program that will express feelings on this subject. Singer/songwriters & bands taking part on this program are as follows: 1) Yes, 2) The Kinks, 3) The Bee Gees, 4) Kate Bush, 5) Lush 6) Blackbud, 7) Franz Ferdinand, 8)The High Strung, 9 All About Eve, 10) Public Access T.V., 11) Virginia Astley, 12) Animal Kingdom and ending the program with Isbells. Sit back and relax, I hope that enjoy the music. Stay tune for October and my 15th year anniversary program. Stay well everyone!!
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6/26/23 A to Z Series ….. The Letter “Q” ….. “A Question of Time”
The theme for this program is drawn from a song from 1986 from the UK band Depeche Mode. Time is so relative, so we’ll let the singer/songwriters & bands explain what it means to them with their songs. Those participating on this program are as follows: Depeche Mode, The Bee Gees, Yes, The Moody Blues, The Band of Holy Joy, Electric Music AKA, Find the Others, Nicolai Dunger, French Films, The Jennifers, Korey Dane and ending the show with The Stone Roses. I hope that you enjoy this program and now go out and have a great summer …… Enjoy it!!
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4/20/23 A to Z Series ….. The Letter “P” ….. “Pure and Simple” …..
In the English language, the expression “Pure and Simple” is known to be putting an exclamation point to a statement which is known to be undoubtedly true. So using the song “Pure” of the late 80’s - early 90’s UK band … The Lightning Seeds, we get the common thread for this program in that song’s chorus line. I think that you will get the idea ( and I hope that you appreciate it) Singer/songwriters taking part on this program are: The Lightning Seeds, Philip Selway, Martin Stephenson & the Daintees, The Charlatans, The Concretes, Kelley Stoltz, Cut Off Your Hands, The Million Stars, Allo Darlin, Absinthe Minded, The Moody Blues and ending the show with the iconic brothers Mael …. Sparks. I hope that you listeners enjoy the songs, I really had fun putting it all together … All the best!!
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3/7/23 A to Z Series … The letter “O” …. Old Boys & other musical offerings
This program finds us at the letter “O” and in memory of a recently deceased friend of mine who together we were part of a group of old grammar and high school school classmates ( 11 in total) that get together monthly to reminisce. We call ourselves the 49ers for the year of our birth. Paul is the first to leave our group and this world. Rest in Peace my friend!! Singer/songwriters and bands making up this program are as follows: 1) Bishop Moracco, 2) The Telepathic Butterflies, 3) Au Pairs, 4) The Fixx, 5) Mattias Hellburg, 6) The Go, 7) CEO, 8) Peter Parker, 9) The Blackwatch, 10) Musee Mecanique, 11) The Charlatans and ending with ….. Variety Lights. I hope that everyone enjoy the selections, back to you in April. Everyone, be well!!
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12/21/22 A to Z Series…. IF ON A WINTER'S NIGHT
For today’s progream to end 2022, I’ve chosen to play Sting’s album …. “If On a Winter’s Night”. I found this album appropriate for the occasion because it fulfilled two requisites for this show, it is the correct letter of the alphabet in sequence and an album theme that fits nicely for the season. The album is a winter theme, songs both traditional and original, setting an audio backdrop both somber and festive. Please give it a listen and I hope that you appreciate the music as I do. To all listeners of my podcast and all those of Think Twice Radio, I wish you a Happy Holiday Season!! I hope that everyone’s days are happy, healthy and prosperous!! See you in February 2023!!
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10/25/22 A to Z Series…. A Ghostly Affair XIV
This month being October brings us to a special time of my podcasts …. My 14th anniversary show!! As always, following the same theme as it’s always been … A Ghostly Affair is made up of songs with Ghost in the song title and every year it becomes harder to find such titles in my CD collection. It’s even harder to believe that December’s podcast has us starting year 15 at Think Twice Radio, what a fun experience it’s been!! The following singer/sonwriters & bands take part in making this program a reality and celebration: 1) John Foxx & the Maths, 2) Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, 3) Apartment, 4) The Immediate, 5) Figurines, 6) Ghosts, 7) Wildbirds & Peacedrums, 8) One Second Bridge, 9) The 2 Bears, 10) The Trouble with Sweeney, 11)T.G. Mauss Many thanks to you listeners for being part of this wonderful experience in my life. I really must come up with something special for next year’s 15th anniversary program … stay tuned!!
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8/24/22 The Letter “M” …..The Madcap Laughs (Madness in the King’s Court)
Inspired by the songs on Syd Barrett’s debut solo album, this program takes us thru a journey thru the dark side. This is a delicate subject matter and in no way do I want this program to appear insensitive to anyone’s personal situation. I hope as one listens to the songs, in many cases, they have no direct meaning to mental illness other than a song title. This as always creates a common thread to base my program’s theme. The singer/song writers taking part in this program are: 1) Syd Barrett 2) Lida Husik 3) Pet Shop boys 4) The John Steel Singers 5) The Granite Shor 6) Iris 7) Luna 8) Conquering Animal Sound 9) Calico Horse 10) Hyde & Beast 11) David Sylvian 12) The Black Ryder
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6/30/22 The Letter “L” Ladies of the Royal Court and elsewhere
Today’s program follows the continuing thread/theme inspired by the Netflex series “THe Last Kingdom”. This program finds us listening to songs about women of royalty and otherwise. Singer/songwriters and bands taking part on this podcast are: 1) From the Airport, 2) Port Friendly, 3) Lindisfarne, 4) John Foxx, 5) Copenhagen, 6) Young Galaxy, 7) James, 8) Romeo & Sarah, 9) The Sound of Sea Animals, 10) Suzanne Vega, 11) Scarboro Aquarium Club, 12) Felt. I hope that you listeners like this program and the direction that we’re headed. Looking forward to putting together August’s podcast ( just a hint, Pink Floyd’s … Syd Barrett is involved). Enjoy your summer everyone!! to listen: (59:30) click here .....for direct download click here
4/21/22 The Letter "K" - "King and Country"
The theme for this program was inspired by a Netflix show that I have been watching called "The Last Kingdom". It's based on the novels of Bernard Cornwell following the development of Britain in the Dark Ages, as it evolved into England as we know it. In particular, this program will follow the life of Alfred the only English king to be called "The Great". It profiles his life thru the song titles of this program, I hope that you will enjoy what my crazy imagination has put forth. The singer/songwriters and bands used to put together this program are as follows: 1) John Foxx (Pater Noster) 2) Fad Gadget (For Whom the Bells Toll) 3) Horslips (Daybreak) 4) Harry Nilson (It is He who will be King/Daybreak) 5) Alun Davies (Young Warrior) 6) The Church (A Different Man) 7) Bee Gees (Every Christian Lion Hearted Man will Show You) 8) China Crisis (King in a catholic Style) 9) Slapp Happy (Scarred for Life) 10)The Tear Drop Explodes (The Great Dominions) 11) The Chameleons (Singing Rule Britannia) 12) Horslips (Power and the Glory) 13) The Battle (In Excelsis, Yeah) 14) Bee Gees (King and Country) I hope that you listen and enjoy the concept ..... and of course the music!!
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2/24/22 The Letter "J" - Jethro Tull - "A Little Light Music"
We have reached the letter "J" in our series and I have chosen an old favorite for this month's program. This program takes us into a concert setting for a performance by Jethro Tull from their "A Little Light Music" tour of Europe in May 1992. I have abridged the album and rearranged the songs to fit our program's time restraints. Old favorites are arranged alongside rarely performed tunes from the Tull catalog. Sit back, relax and enjoy!!
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